Raising funds has never been this easy

Create a campaign on Spreds and start growing your business

Why Spreds

Spreds is a leading investment platform for start-ups, scale-ups and other growing businesses in Europe. We strive to empower entrepreneurs and make venture capital accessible to all.

Take advantage of our platform to structure your community of investors including friends and family, clients, suppliers, and prospects, into one simple legal structure. And access our network of business angels, venture capitalists and co-investors.

What we offer

Raising funds has never been this easy

Our platform was specially created to facilitate fundraising for all of our entrepreneurs. The user-friendly interface and simple process makes campaigning fun and simple.

Easily manage your investors

We act as a single legal shareholder on behalf of your investors. Your friends and family, business angels and our network of investors, all wrapped up into one single legal entity: Spreds Finance.

A simple pricing model

Our fees are very easy: we cover all administrative, legal and IT costs. Our model makes campaign life easier for you.

Tax Shelter Benefit

If your business qualifies, Spreds will help you offer start-up Tax Shelter benefits to your investors, helping them get back up to 45% of their investment through tax reduction. We will help with the legal paperwork.

How it works

  1. Application

    Start filling out your application and choose the kind of funding you wish to receive:

    • Equity: in exchange for their investment, your investors receive Notes (stakes in the company).
    • Loan: investors are reimbursed over a period of time.
    • Convertible loan: a loan that can be later converted into equity.

  2. Selection

    After sending Spreds a series of documents proving the existence of your company. Our team will decide, based on a set of objective criteria whether your company is eligible or not for a campaign.

  3. Preparation

    Build up excitement by preparing and motivating your network ahead of the campaign. You will be assisted by our team to help you in the preparation of your campaign to ensure its success.

  4. Private fundraising

    Campaigns are done in phases. If you wish to have a public campaign, you must first go through a private phase to pre-launch your project to your network. After reaching a predefined threshold, we make your campaign accessible to the public, i.e. the crowd.

  5. Public fundraising

    The campaign is open to whoever wishes to invest in the company. We recommend developing a communication campaign to accompany your public fundraising in order to maximise its effects. The entrepreneurs will lead their campaign while being assisted by the Spreds team.

  6. The result

    The investment period closes. The company has either reached the minimum funding objective and succeeds, or has not, and the campaign is refunded.

  7. #FundedFamily

    Access our network. After having completed a campaign and successfully raised funds, join our other success stories and communicate with other inspiring entrepreneurs.

  8. Updates

    Keep your investors updated. Easily communicate with your investors through our platform.

Who can apply?

Be able to prove first commercial results

Be established in Europe

Seek a minimum of €150,000 in equity or €100,000 in loans

Have an articulated business plan with financial projections (or it is being developed)


Working with Spreds helped us save 6 months. They easily helped us legally formalise our investors.

Pierre Rousseaux
Founder of Yoga Room and Funded Family member