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Spreds, un deuxième bel exit sur la plateforme Spreds

Spreds, 05/05/2018

Six mois après son premier exit en un temps record, Spreds annonce la sortie officielle de sa participation dans l'entreprise Cet exit...

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Spreds, a second successful exit on the Spreds platform

Spreds, 05/05/2018

Six months after its first record breaking exit, Spreds announces the official exit of its participation in the company This exit has ...

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Spreds tweede succesvolle exit op het Spreds platform

Spreds, 05/05/2018

Vijf maanden na hun eerste exit in recordtempo, kondigt Spreds de officiële verkoop aan van hun participatie in de onderneming Deze ex...

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MyMicroInvest devient Spreds

Digimedia, 07/02/2018

MyMicroInvest a décidé de changer de nom : « Spreds ». Spreds sera mené par Charles-Albert de Radzitzky (CEO) et Gilles van der Meerschen (Chief Bu...

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De Tijd
Crowdfunding wordt volwassen in België

De Tijd, 07/02/2018

Crowdfunding, waarbij starters voor financiering aankloppen bij het grote publiek, kende een opvallend sterke groei in 2017. Dat is te danken aan e...

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MyMicroInvest devient "Spreds"

Spreds, 06/02/2018

Après une longue et fructueuse collaboration de plus de six ans, MyMicroInvest et le fonds de venture capital à impact Inventures ont décidé de...

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About Spreds

Spreds is an investment platform offering everyone, regardless of the size of their assets, an easy way to invest in businesses that improve their surrounding world. Spreds strives to help them mitigate their investment risks through transparency, education and diversification. Spreds loves entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial ecosystem and allows inspiring businesses to raise funds in a convenient, flexible and cost-efficient way and in a safe environment.

Spreds offers alternative products to banks and wealth managers, to stock exchange products and funds which are often seen as disconnected from the entrepreneurial economy. Spreds is established in the heart of Brussels with a dynamic and passionate team and is the Belgian leader and one of the European leading investment platforms for start-ups and scale-ups.