FSMA clarifies the rules of “crowdfunding”

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This is a translation of the article written by Kristof Van der Stadt and published on datanews, Le Vif website on the 13th of July. This article deals with the anouncement of the FSMA about the crowdfunding regulations. The Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) publishes on its website explanations about crowdfunding... lees meer

New regulations for Crowdfunding in the US, what will it change?

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The House of Representative passed a bill that will allow startups to raise capital through "Crowdfunding". The bill provides a Crowdfunding exemption from SEC registration with the following conditions: A limit of 10.000 USD invested per investor or a maximum of 10% of his annual income. There is a maximum fundraising of 1.000.000 USD per offering. It can be up to 2.000... lees meer

Classification of crowd Funding

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Crowd funding is classified into four distinct categories. Based on the category money is lent for different causes such as charity, consumer lending, creative support and business growth. Charity and social investment Charity and social investment oriented Crowd funding is based on charity... lees meer