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Your ultimate guide to memorable trips
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27/11/23: This campaign has been extended until 10 December, in accordance with the extension condition, given that €65,500 had been raised by 27 November.

Daymaker: your ultimate guide to memorable trips.

Imagine being on a holiday, enjoying local food in the setting of your dreams. The sun is setting right in front of you. This decor sparks good conversations with your travel companion. A moment to cherish forever.

These are the moments you live for, and these are the moments Daymaker lives for. Welcome to the most personalized travel inspiration tool! Daymaker is the one and only travel platform that matches users to recommendations of likeminded travelers, based on interests and behavior.

Rather than giving generalized travel recommendations, Daymaker will only show you the inspiration that you are actually looking for. Because everyone’s definition of “five stars” is unique. Cherry on the cake? The inspiration travelers can find on Daymaker is uploaded by real travelers. Via a handy tool, everyone can share real, personal and authentic experiences. 

As you will only see trips of likeminded souls, you will much sooner find that “one golden recommendation” that suits your specific needs. A golden tip that will change into a unique moment, and later into a memory for life. But let us tell you, those tips are quite hard to find…

Problem: travelers can’t easily find suiting recommendations

The best trips of your life? They often start with a golden tip from someone you trust. Someone that travels just like you.

However, if one of your likeminded friends didn’t travel to a specific destination yet, the search to great recommendations is difficult. Research finds that travelers that prepare their trips, look up over 38 (!) sources before starting to book. That is a mix of blogs, social media, books/magazines, websites, … The search is long, as information is scattered, unpersonalized and often indulged with ads.

Solution: Daymaker matches travelers to inspiration, destination and blogs based on their interests and behavior

Enter Daymaker! An inspiration search engine that collects all travelers, bloggers, inspiration and destinations in one online space. By linking all users and content to interest tags and travel personalities, Daymaker matches users only to relevant recommendations. That way, the 38-source search gets eliminated. 

The right tourist at the right destination, at the right time.

Daymaker aims to link travelers not only to specific recommendations, yet also to broader destinations that match their profile. Destinations worldwide are dealing with mass tourism in specific regions, and in specific seasons. That results in a disbalance of tourism job availability within regions of countries on the one hand, and in an unhealthy division of visitors (time and location) on the other hand.

To fight this unsustainable trend, the marketing efforts of destinations focus on attracting only a specific range of tourists that add value to their region. And that is where Daymaker comes in.
We let destinations and tourism companies become part of our ecosystem, by letting them share paid inspiration to travelers with certain interests and travel personalities. That way, we contribute to inspiring the right traveler with the right destination. 

 “Spain has a successful tourism economy, but with this success come challenges in terms of social and economic sustainability. A more balance distribution of international visitors throughout the year and among different regions and cities is what we wish to achieve, as it has a direct influence on employment and the use of resources in our industry.”
 — Ignacio Valle Muñoz, Director Spanish Tourism Board in The Netherlands 

Travelers love it, and so do destinations!

Key user results so far, without spending a significant marketing budget:

  • 155.000 visitors
  • 85.000 matches made
  • 3.700 subscribers
  • 1000 trips
  • 100 countries

These amounts immediately affect Daymaker’s business, as it’s these travelers that the paid partners can reach via the content packages. However, even with limited numbers in year one, yearly partnerships were locked. More info in the “market” section. 

Fund use

After receiving clear traction both on user and paid partner side, Daymaker’s strategy is to first focus on community growth. See “Market” for more info on this strategy.

The funds will be invested in:

> User acquisition: growth marketing experiments, paid advertising, working with travel bloggers, … (60%)

> User retention: enhancing the user experience by building an app and continuously improving the web platform (20%)

> After the clear user targets are reached, sales will be intensified with an additional employee. Part of the funds will be invested in the team (20%).