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Lien Verwimp


Founder Lien Verwimp breathes the combination of travel and business. She has a Master’s Degree in both Business Communication and International Management, has been lead travel journalist of Chapeau Magazine for years, worked in a travel PR-agency, helped a Chinese travel-app in Shanghai with its expansion to Europe and was a Future Leadership Management Trainee at Unilever.

Jeroen Peeters


Jeroen Peeters is a strategic marketeer and business developer with a strong connection to the industry. He has been marketing manager at Visit Limburg, the Belgian tourism board that communicates the most. Jeroen set up the partnership model there, which boosted the revenue model of this organization significantly. After being a brand strategist at Quick Brown Foxes and Bioracer too, he collected the right knowledge and experience to guide Daymaker to its projected growth.

Hannah Nina Van Rompaey


Hannah is a photographer and professional travel blogger with an eye for detail. After her studies, she traveled the world with her camera(s) to sharpen her skills. That resulted in - among others - winning the Belgian Travel Blog Award for best social video of the year. She returned to Belgium to work as a digital marketeer at BBC Agency, but now found her true passion as a content marketeer at Daymaker.