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Market positioning

Herculean focuses on the business market exclusively. After all, this is the language the founders and the core team understand best, and this is the market where success has been achieved many times since 1999. We work for large and small companies.

Market trends

The sportainment and corporate wellbeing market is currently considerably fragmented and consists of players that only provide partial solutions. This is clearly evidenced by the large number of sport marketing agencies, teambuilding providers, event agencies, coaches, etc. What is more, international companies require an international approach with a keen eye for the differences between the various cultures.


The sportainment and wellbeing market is still very young. As we are no stranger to the Anglo-Saxon markets, we strongly benefit from the more mature markets.

The various products have various types of competitors, both directly and indirectly. Sport marketing agencies especially organize events for the sports enthusiasts and are less focused on companies. They are our typical partners abroad, by the way, since they are facing a saturated B2C market and are looking for new concepts in new niches. They often have little knowledge of how the B2B market works, and they can learn this via the Herculean business.

The wellbeing market is particularly fragmented with quite a few small players that are often also given to B2C thinking. With our holistic approach we position ourselves as a trusted advisor for companies rather than concentrating on one specific niche. We give the best niche players an opportunity to provide companies with a comprehensive solution in collaboration with us.

Many event agencies are active on the project market, but here we also position ourselves as a partner rather than as a competitor. Event agencies are not focused on active events that require a lot of organization. We join them on visits to potential customers to add the gamification component to an overall concept.