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Identity of the Issuer

MAZARO is a limited liability company (naamloze vennootschap) under Belgian law with its registered office at 9070 Destelbergen, Bommelsrede 42 and registered with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises under company number 0817.523.423 (LER Ghent)

MAZARO is referred to as the Issuer, MAZARO or the Company,

Issuer activities

As a technology company, the Issuer’s main business is game-changing driveline engineering, designing and testing transmissions for automotive and industrial drivelines. For manufacturing, the Issuer relies on established industrial partners.

The disruptive transmission technology the Issuer created, is in its initial stage of commercialization.

The Issuer designs innovative transmissions that combine an exceptionally high internal efficiency with the ability to keep the engine or E-motor on its optimum efficiency curve at all times, offering unrivalled energy, emissions and cost savings while enhancing performance and comfort.

This technology is most suitable for trucks, buses, off-highway machinery, lift trucks, tractors, passenger cars (both engine driven and electric) besides industrial drivelines such as gensets and compressors.

The Issuer has its intellectual property protected by four patents (three already granted) in all regions with a relevant automotive industry. MAZARO’s revenues will come from royalties and prototypes engineering income.

Business History

MAZARO has been created in 2009 by Filip De Mazière and Caroline De Dijcker. To minimize the risk and investment cost, the business model is that the Issuer develops several transmission models and tests them up to serial production.
Partnering companies take care about serial production, sales and after-sales. Ir. Filip De Mazière developed the technology from scratch. He is supported by ir. Lucas Present who has been working for MAZARO since October 2015.

The University of Ghent provides engineering support in building the test benches. Prior to launching MAZARO, Filip gained 25 years transmission design expertise in the industry, supplying Liebherr, Case New Holland, McLaren, Ferrari. He was granted 15 patents, some in production since the ‘90s.

At this stage, the technology is fully developed, tested on the bench and on the road, and made mature for commercialisation. Recently, partnerships with production companies were set up and are being set up.

The Issuer has received several prototype orders from customers intending to launch series. The company has expanded the team with financial and economical expertise for intensifying its business development and commercialisation.


Transport is in urgent need of radical solutions to reduce energy consumption, emissions and cost while improving performance. These needs are induced by worldwide regulations forcing transport to reduce environmental impact and by the necessity to stay profitable and ahead of global competition.

The crucial component in a vehicle influencing these needs is the transmission, positioned between the engine (or electric motor) and the drive wheels. Its function is to adapt the engine’s speed and torque to what the drive wheels need in different driving conditions.

All current systems – automatic (AT), manual (MT), double clutch (DCT), hydrostatic (HS) or continuously variable (CVT) – have their limitations, reducing the vehicle’s overall efficiency.


MAZARO has developed two transmission types from scratch: the Reversible Variable Transmission (RVT) and the Single stage Variable Transmission (SVT).

The RVT serves vehicles with an internal combustion engine; the SVT is suited for electric vehicles and for driving auxiliaries.

Reversible Variable Transmission RVT:
- 11 – 19% less fuel consumption
- 11– 19% less emissions
- Compact and 25% lighter than Automatics
- 5% less production costs
- Maintenance free

Single Stage Variable Transmission SVT:
- 16,8% further driving range
- Max speed increase from 82 to 127 km/h
- Enhanced hill climbing capability
- No noise
-Maintenance free

MAZARO’s transmissions have the following advantage over manuals and automatics:

  • They have the highest internal and overall efficiency in the market (i.e. geared systems never are efficient during shifting, not at low torque level);
  • They keep the engine and E-motor on their lowest energy consumption curve (i.e. MAZARO is the first in the world, capable of keeping the engine or E-motor on their ideal, lowest energy consumption curve at all times); and
  • Their minimalist design (i.e. 86% less make parts) reduces complexity and eliminates maintenance.

The technology was tested on the road with an E-truck equipped with the issuer’s transmission.

The HOW: How could MAZARO achieve these results?

  • A disruptive design: the inventor, Filip De Mazière, had the audacity to start from a blank page rather than only optimizing an existing system;
  • The unique shape of the running surfaces is patented and enables a mathematically pure rolling without drill-slip, a common problem in all other continuously variable systems.
  • No gears, shifting gears wastes energy. MAZARO’s transmission allows the motors to always be at its most efficient.
  • The transmissions are developed by a highly performant team led by Filip De Mazière who has 25 years of transmission design expertise supplying Liebherr, Case New Holland, McLaren, Ferrari...
  • Customized controllers developed in-house enable the exploitation of the transmissions at their full potential.

The results:

Intellectual property

The Issuer has protected its intellectual property by four patent applications in all regions with a relevant automotive industry. The Issuer is the full and sole owner of its intellectual property and this ownership will be maintained explicitly in contracts with production partners.

MAZARO’s granted patents are valid for 20 years, counting from the Filing Date (as indicated in the table below).
The trademark “MAZARO Driving Innovations” is registered (Registration nº WP 2015770).

Significant contract

On 22 December 2019, the Issuer and Anand, a high standard Indian Group, signed a Memorandum of Understanding and a term sheet. Accordingly, Anand will produce, sell and distribute the Issuer’s transmissions exclusively in India and neighboring countries.

Anand offers the Issuer EUR 300,000 for exclusivity on receipt of a customer LOI and this amount is only for the first project.

The first project consists of transmissions for trucks and SUV for reputable brands. As Anand plans to produce several models for different applications, the yearly volumes will grow even further. Anand shall pay all the Issuer’s expenses but no development cost of this first demo project.

One international truck manufacturer has confirmed a prototype order and another one confirmed in the last meeting they had with Anand that they will order a prototype.

MAZARO in the press

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