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Rémi Wildschut


Rémi has a passion for the ‘numbers game’. During his studies of economical sciences at Ghent University, he was involved in several entrepreneurial initiatives. He was founder of Powerinvest, an enterprise building analytical software applications for investors, trainee in the young potential program of ERGO Insurance (where he befriended Arvid), and board member of AIESEC, concerned with the placement of international trainees at Belgian corporations.

After graduating as a master in corporate finance with a thesis about startup finances, Rémi was recruited as Finance and Process manager for the Belgian telecom SME EVONET Belgium NV. He successfully finished a funding round of 1,5M EUR and optimized internal processes considerably. Hungry for even more results, Rémi started an executive masterclass in corporate finance at Vlerick Business School, and graduated as the youngest of 30 hardened CFO’s and financial managers. It is here he was inspired by the idea of a management buy-out. 6 months later, Rémi succeeded and became majority stakeholder in EVONET, which he renamed Meritel. In 2017, the company was sold successfully to a larger competitor.

Rémi leads the financial and HR department as CFO.

Arvid De Coster


During his education at Ghent University, Arvid became familiar with classical works of great leaders and economic thinkers. Combined with his experience as executive board member of the council of faculties (FK Gent) and chairman of the association of history students (VGK), it fueled his interest in management and entrepreneurship.

During his studies, Arvid was recruited by ERGO Insurance. Excited by the idea of gaining professional experience, he entered the trainee program for young potentials in April 2014 and started leading a small team of young wolves as an ERGO sales coach. In the evenings, he worked as a self-employed insurance agent to build a personal customer portfolio. His sleepless lifestyle paid off and Arvid was decorated several times6. This eventually led to his promotion of regional head of recruitment and sales training.

Arvid assumes the function of CEO and is responsible for general management, sales and marketing.

Thomas Sonck


Thomas developed his ICT-skills as a teenager. Already at the age of 13, he developed software applications and websites for SME’s. After graduating from college as a bachelor of sciences ICT, he got hungry for professional experience. Thomas skipped his planned engineering education and commenced working as a web developer at Streamovations, a streaming service provider. Because of his technical and people skills, he was quickly promoted to team leader. During the four years he was active at firm, he also led his own business as a self-employed IT consultant.

Next to an intense ICT passion, Thomas was also very interested in the financial sector, and its technical future. This interest was encouraged by his childhood friend Arvid, who convinced Thomas to resign his position as team leader to become a life-insurance agent. During his brief career at ERGO, the InsurTech-spark within Thomas transformed into an inferno.

Thomas leads the technical department and is responsible for IT and R&D.

Bjorn Vuylsteker


Bjorn holds a Master in Industrial Engineering: Electronics and ICT Engineering and a Master in Computer Science Engineering at Ghent University. He wrote 2 theses regarding AI and machine learning, more specifically Brain-Computer Interfaces and chatbot systems.

Despite his young age, he has a lot of hands-on experience due to multiple relevant internships and his involvement in trade.be, a Belgian crypto-fund and -community.

Sebastiaan Van Hoecke


Sebastiaan is holds a bachelor in Applied Informatics at Hogeschool Gent. He is passionate about ethical hacking and networks. He has hands-on experience in both software development and system infrastructure due to relevant internships.

Toghrul Jafarov


Toghrul holds a Master in Artificial Intelligence and Decision at the University of Pierre et Marie Curie in France and a Master in Advanced Statistical Analysis at Ghent University.

He has 4 years of professional experience in machine learning and is highly skilled in deep learning (Keras API, TensorFlow), natural language processing (NLP) and mathematical programming skills (Python, R, Tableau).