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Hocus Focus by The Focus Academy: a rewarding Virtual Focus Coach, 24/7
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"Focus is the new I.Q. and key to succeeding in the increasingly competitive and complicated world of work. It can provide a deep sense of satisfaction. It is, in other words, like a superpower in the 21st-century economy"
— Cal Newport, Associate Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University.

The Focus Academy helps your employees feel and perform better thanks to their digital focus management (web surfing, email and other smartphone behaviors).

Being focus experts, we research, advise, implement and coach.

We (ourselves or our partners) conduct a qualitative and quantitative focus audit with your employees and management. This way we determine your digital behavior, possible work and focus distractors and the mutual needs for guidelines and guidance.

Our very practical methodology increases the ability to focus in this digital era. Your employees both gain precious time and reduce stress, easily accomplishing goals both in their work and private lives.

Our app lets you focus on getting things done, while at the same time enjoying rewards and contributing to a company's chosen social project. It's about sustainable and positive employee engagement.

To get started, you simply set up a profile and select which apps and sites are okay to visit and for how long while that profile is active. If you then impulsively surf to a distracting website, our Virtual Focus Coach encourages you to keep your good intentions.

We work closely with our customers, their employees and HR partners to continually develop our platform and deliver real added value in coaching employees.


Digital distraction ensures that people can not focus and do not reach goals on time, which causes stress, both in private life and at work. 60% to 70% of all smartphone users want to change their digital behavior but do not know exactly how to handle that (cfr. Digimeter survey from UGent and imec).

Lack of focus costs fortunes to companies. A survey from Robert Half in the UK found the average employee spends 56 minutes per day using their smartphone at work for non-work activity. Just have a look at the mind-blowing graphics (from page 4-11) in the Global Mobile Consumer Survey from Deloitte Belgium.

The Focus Academy conducted a focus survey with employees of one of the Big 4 consulting companies:

- 75% believes they are losing focus and valuable time because of digital distraction
- 60% believes it increases their stress level
- 85% of their people is asking for assistance in managing their digital behavior!


So we need a solution where people can enjoy the benefits of digital freedom, at the same time are able to focus to work more efficient thus avoiding stress. Always keeping in mind to achieve this in a positive way because employee experience is key in the war for talent.

That's exactly why we created The Focus Academy as a focus service platform with Hocus Focus as its core focus software solution...

Who belongs to our target group?

Some of our Focus Academy services:

Marketing strategy

We communicate via the known social media channels, and through our Focus Academy platform with relevant blogs from HR-partners, testimonials, webinars, online courses, etc.
We use valuable growth marketing methods and networking. We involve government agencies to set up joint awareness campaigns.

Distribution strategy

Direct B2B downloads from our own Focus Academy platform.
We work closely together with our customers to create a Hocus Focus community. Our customers earn valuable focus or well-being packages when introducing us to their network, thus acting as Hocus Focus ambassadors.
International scalable distribution through B2B-partnerships with HR-consulting companies, well-being, digital detox, and time-management coaches. They deliver us content, credentials, and users; we provide them with a professional tool, commission and a communication platform for their content.
Integration as an extra option on Employee Experience or Employee Well-Being platforms from HR service partners.
B2C downloads through the App Store en Google Play.
Cooperation with schools, universities and government.