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Trailrunning (or endurance running in a natural environment) is a sport in full expansion. This sport conveys an image of nature, simplicity, surpassing oneself and community in effort.

Betrail is a web platform for trailrunners. Betrail allows performance to be evaluated and compared thanks to an algorithm ("big data") that assigns a score to each performance. Betrail lists all the results of past races and the agenda of all future races in Belgium.

Betrail exists since 2 years in Belgium and has established itself as THE portal of the Belgian trailrunning community. Our wish is now to take the same place in France and in Europe.

On, we find:
- The calendar, which lists all future races.
- The race page, which gives all the information for a race, including the results.
- The personal page that compiles the results of a runner and measures his progress.
- The ranking pages which compare the value of the trailrunners between them, even if they have never run on the same course.

Betrail has four distinct sources of income:
- Paid advertisements and contests (equipment manufacturers, organizers)
- Sales of statistics and aggregated/anonymized data (resellers, equipment manufacturers)
- Services to race organizers (registration, online payment, timing, promotion)
- In the future: premium paid account for users


Each trailrunning race differs from the others by its distance, its difference in altitude, the type of terrain, the weather, the markings, the aid stations.
Moreover, there is no trailrunning federation, neither in Belgium, nor elsewhere. There is therefore no national or international ranking or list of competitions organised. It is therefore complicated to compare the runners among themselves.


Our algorithm makes it possible to measure objectively the difficulty of a race and the performance achieved by each runner, based simply on the times set by the runners during the different races. This allows each trailrunner to observe his evolution over time, but also to compare the runners among themselves, and to establish rankings.
We launched Betrail 2 years ago, limiting ourselves to Belgium as a proof-of-concept. We quickly became the trail reference in Belgium. today is:
- 14,000 accounts
- 46,000 users/month
- 90.000 visits/month
- 145,000 indexed runners
- 4 employees
- Annual turnover 40.000€ (estimated 2018)
Based on this success and our acquired experience, our goal is to replicate it in France and Europe, which will allow us to reach sufficient size to make it a profitable business. Beyond that, the extension to the whole world and to other timed sports is obviously possible.

Marketing strategy

Betrail invests at the beginning in the constitution of a database which gathers the results of the runners during the last two years, as well as a calendar listing all future races. This database is the source of a virtuous circle in which the runner, recognizing himself based on his encoded results, subscribes to a free account in a few clicks. The increase in the number of accounts attracts race organizers.
For the launch period in France, we are in contact with some members of the elite who have agreed to relay the launch in their networks, We will also promote on Facebook and groups active around the sport.
Betrail is today an activity that generates turnover in Belgium without any commercial effort. For France, we will contact our potential customers directly via telephone or in person in the professional fairs.

Distribution strategy

The products we sell are purely digital . The unique distribution channel is naturally the web.

Internationalisation strategy

The aim of the current fundraising is to replicate in France the success we have had in Belgium.

Major contracts

Our company has not concluded major contracts that could have a material impact on its financial results.

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