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The use of IoT to reduce distribution cost for stockable energy sources
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Catherine de Viron


Not afraid to get her hands dirty, Catherine co founded Fullup after she went several times on tour with the fuel supplier. Conscious that there was a need for innovation and with her entrepreneurial skills she decided to go for it.
Graduated with a double degree from the LSM and Egade university in Monterrey, she first gathered experience as a business developer and a school manager before launching her own company.
She is a passionate and dynamic person always looking for the next challenge to undertake.

Leon Nur


Leon joined the team one-year ago to bring its support to the customers. Eager to help and driven by customer success, he mostly spends the day making sure that everything is all right with our existing customers and helps them develop their activities further.

Makeit Startup Studio


Makeit studio co-founded the company with Catherine. Specialized in IOT and web development, the studio developed the MVP of the product giving Fullup the opportunity to test the market and sell it first POCs. Furthermore, they also added their knowledge in the consolidation phase of the product itself. As the company is now entering a growth phase, they move from an executive position to a more strategic one as advisors of the company.

Cedric Léonard


With a strong technical background in smart metering, Cedric joined the team to bring its knowledge in the production and integration of our product.
He is in charge of the deployments of the solution at our customers and is always one step ahead for further developments.


This business qualifies for the startup tax shelter. If you meet the conditions, 45% of your investment will be reducted from your personal income taxes. Read more…
Please note €57,200 remains available for Tax Shelter investments.