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The vitamin D market is split into drugs and dietary supplements and both segments are growing fast.

The vitamin D drug market
(prescription medicines) is showing an impressive demand growth over the past 5 years. According to IQVIA (IMS statistics), worldwide sales reached €2.7 billion with a compounded of growth 2013-2017 of 16%.

The vitamin D3 or colecalciferol segment, which is Cole Pharma’s targeted segment is the largest vitamin D sub-market, reaching worldwide sales of €1.5 billion with an impressive compounded growth between 2014-2019 of 30.7%.

The Dietary Supplement market for vitamin D has posted the fastest growth rate since 2007 with + 20% in comparison to other vitamins and is closing the gap with other supplements. In the USA, according to the Nutrition Business Journal, the vitamin D market for supplements reached $831 million in 2015. The market is estimated at almost $2 billion today worldwide[1].
[1] Source : Nutrition Business Journal

The vitamin D market is therefore very favourable to the entry of an innovative player such as Cole Pharmaceuticals because of:

1) The high prevalence of vitamin D deficiency and the growing evidence of its role in maintaining good health
2) A fast-growing market that is far from saturated
3) The presence of a highly fragmented vitamin D market with more than 500 companies worldwide that have vitamin D in their portfolios.
4) And above all, a lack of product innovation for a better patient experience and consequently adherence to its treatment.

How will Cole Pharmaceuticals enter this market? What is the Business Strategy ?
The revenue model is based both on the development of international sales through partners with the signing of licensing agreements and on the development of an own presence in Belgium.

1) International sales:
The company is expecting to sign 3rd quarter 2019 its first license agreement with a pharmaceutical multinational for the Middle East & Africa Region (MENA). The potential value of this first deal is 522 K€. A framework agreement for a global business development deal is under negotiation with a major Healthcare and Nutrition group covering several regions of the world. Such a sizeable deal if signed would transform significantly the company.

2) Building an own presence in Belgium:
· Cole Pharmaceuticals will enter directly the Belgium market before year end 2019 or Q1 2020 selling directly to wholesalers who will fill pharmacies. To support product demand Cole Pharmaceuticals will use a syndicated sales team visiting General Practitioners (GPs) and taking orders from the most important pharmacies of the country. To sustain such a promotional campaign, an advertising campaign will be launched for GPs and medical specialists such as Rheumatologists, Gynecologists, Geriatricians and Pediatricians.