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Equity Belgium 97 investors Tax Shelter applicable

Tax Shelter

Pre money valuation
Equity offered
Amount raised
32 days
Minimum target
224% funded

Olivier Daxhelet


Business engineer & Serial entrepreneur.
Addicted to new technologies (and sports cars).
Hard worker. Self-educated. Team leader.

2010-present : Acquired La Maison Ecologique SPRL
building material shop specialized in insulation
2008-present : Founded Twine SPRL
distributing handdryers to Burger King, Q8, Texaco, …
2008 : Graduated from Solvay Business School
2007 : Registered as an entrepreneur while being student

François-Xavier Thimus


Belgian Accountant
Tax Advisor
Accountability Software tester and consultant

2014-present : Accountancy teacher
2012-present : Manager of his own Accoutant Firm
September 2012 : Graduated as accountant
Specialized in Taxes

We are looking for a new CTO!


Today, 4 developers are working full time on our R&D.
The Company's founder takes decisions along with the senior developer.
As shown in our financial plan, the Company will hire 3 developers as employees.
We would rather have 2 employees and 1 partner CTO !
Interested ? Send us a mail :


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