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Combining professional and personal life is a constant race against time. After a busy day at work, making a healthy, quality family meal can be a real hassle. Put very simply you have:

  • No idea what to cook
  • Nothing left in the fridge
  • No time to shop
  • No energy to cook


Convenient quality is Crowd Cooks' mantra. Their ready-made food box gives you that weekday flexibility with professionally home cooked meals. This is healthy eating made easy and accessible in the Brussels region. Crowd Cooks gives you the following customer benefits:

  • Two deliciously healthy, family meals
  • Delivered to you every Sunday evening or Monday at the office
  • Can be kept in your fridge until Friday evening, or frozen (meals are sealed in vacuum bags)
  • Can be reheated at any time during the week
  • Made from fresh local and seasonal ingredients, without additives and no preservatives
  • Affordable price (9,5€ per portion on average)

On average, Crowd Cooks is going to save their customers about 1 hour a day! No need to shop and cook or spend ages cleaning up the kitchen. The healthy meals have already been prepared and are on your table in no time. The only thing people need to decide is how they’ll spend that extra hour. Spend time with their family, go for a run, read, relax or do whatever it is they want to do.

Easy, Tasty, Healthy and Affordable, the Crowd Cooks meals will change the way we see our weekly planning
— Talina, co-founder


The cooked our first try-out meals in November 2017, launched our new products in May 2018, and officially moved to Brussels in February 2019 (Brussels). 200 Families have tried Crowd Cooks meals since they launched. 100 of them have ordered at least 2 times. 47 are weekly subscribers. All in all 5,000 portions have been sold since the launch!


Food Director, Talina (left), works with a specialized team to develop recipes. Every meal has to be tasty, family friendly, healthy & prepared with seasonal ingredients. They have 30 unique recipes to this day.

Thanks to the innovative vacuum cooking technique, Crowd Cooks meals can be stored in the fridge for 5 days and/or frozen. Vacuum cooking is a novel method of cooking in vacuum bags — at controlled temperatures. This cooking technique is ideal: In addition to being practical and hygienic it provides longer shelf life (because of the long cooking at low temperature) but most importantly also maintains the best texture for the ingredients. It also enhances the taste and allows for creative seasoning because of the absence of extreme heat. The result tastes fantastic.


They have established a key partnership with Great Traiteur, one of the best professional caterers in Belgium. Great Traiteur produce the meals based on the recipes and the innovative vacuum cooking process of Crowd Cooks. They produce 350 portions per week and can accommodate the growth strategy going forward by increasing production when necessary.

Crowd Cooks have established a logistics partnership with Shippr, one of the leading delivery companies in Brussels. With a fleet of more than 100 they are always delivering with a smile. Deliveries are done on Sunday evening & Monday at lunch time. Crowd Cooks had a 4,9 star rating (out of 5) for the customer feedback on delivery.


The feedback has been very encouraging. According to the weekly survey, the food quality gets 4,3 stars out of 5 on average, and 4,9 stars on the delivery.

As one of the customers said: “Finding this in the fridge when home from work at 7.30pm on a Monday evening is ultimate luxury!”
— Nicolette

Intellectual Property

The trademark "Crowd Cooks" has been registered and protected in the following countries : Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg