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Market positioning

Our revenue strategy is based on a fee per measurement point, in the same way software companies charge a yearly fee per license. We also provide services:
- evaluation and diagnostic of buildings
- recommendations for hardware upgrades, and installation of connected meters
- implementation of personalized reports, generated automatically by opiSense

Market trends

Smart energy and utility management is a major objective for the European Union: 40% of the energy consumption in Europe is coming from offices and buildings. As these building are used only during weekdays and working hours, a lot of efficiency is lost. With the right aggregated tools for building energy management systems, big savings can be achieved.

Additionally, major programs in Europe are in place to install smart meters in every building, for electricity consumption first. For example, a recent announcement has been made for the installation of 2.5 million smart meters in the Netherlands.

According to a McKinsey Internet of Things report "Energy and environment management commercial spaces account for 20 percent of energy consumption in advanced economies such as the United States and and approximately one-sixth of energy consumption in developing economies. Around half of this energy is consumed in office spaces and much of it is wasted by heating, cooling, and lighting unoccupied offices. Intelligent energy management systems can be used to automatically sense when a room is unoccupied or occupied and adjust heating or cooling and lighting as needed. We estimate that intelligent energy management systems can reduce energy use in offices by 20 percent, producing a potential economic impact of $11.7 billion to $20.5 billion per year in 2025.”

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According to Navigant Research, the Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) market is set to grow from $ 2.4 bn in 2014 to $ 5.6 bn in 2020.


As the BEMS market is booming, many players are looking at developing solutions for customers. Most big providers like Schneider Electric, Siemens or ABB provide software solutions that interface with their hardwares.

Also, many Energy Services Companies (ESCO) have developed some tools to provide their advises for Energy Consumption Reduction to customers.

opinum's unique ability to connect to many different hardwares combined with its partnership approach to ESCOs and Hardware providers, gives a unique chance to be extremely agile in this market and create a new segment, through software only solutions.

An idea of the value chain analysis is given hereunder :