How does investing on Spreds work?

A step-by-step explanation

Businesses seek funding

First, an entrepreneur applies to Spreds. Our team selects the eligible campaigns based on a set of objective criteria allowing us to offer you interesting and attractive investment opportunities.

Selected investment opportunities

Crowdfunding campaigns are presented to our crowd of more than 40,000 members, and our network of professional investors, venture capitalists, business angels and, if needed, venture capital funds.

Co-investment with professionals

The venture capital fund, Inventures II, also may invest in a campaign, provided it fits the strict impact investing criteria following the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Easy online investments

The crowdfunding campaign is underway! You can now support the company by investing with just a few clicks. Investors who invest through our secured platform do not become direct shareholders. They hold Participative Notes by Spreds Finance which represents they share in the company.

Results! Success or learning experience

The investment period closes: the company has either reached the minimum funding objective and succeeds, or has not and the investors will be reimbursed.


If the campaign meets the goal, it is a success. The investment is closed at the notary and the funds are invested in the company.

Learning experience:

If the campaign does not meet the minimum goal, the campaign is not successful, we return the investment funds to the investors, and determine why the campaign failed, to grow for the future.

Consider your risks

We at Spreds encourage all of our investors to consider their risks. We strive for transparency, and clearly provide all information regarding the risks on each investment opportunity. Crowdfunders must also consider investing their money means that it is immobilised for a few years; repayment and returns on investment are not guaranteed. Businesses can fail for a variety of reasons, and these investments are risky. If you choose to invest in a business on our platform, please take the time to fully consider all of your risks. Email or call us if you have any questions!

Why Invest with Spreds?

Alternative investment opportunities

Crowdfunding with Spreds offers an alternative to traditional investing. Instead of investing in real estate, or in big companies on the stock exchange, through our platform you can take a new opportunity to invest in a growing business.

Wake up your savings

There are 507 million Europeans, with 9,000 billion euros, i.e. 9 trillion euros, sitting in savings and cash accounts across the continent. This money is currently earning low interest, and is virtually ‘sleeping’, just waiting to be used. Instead of letting your savings rest in your bank account, you could use a portion to invest in a new business.

Diversify your investments

Great investment opportunities are rare, and you can help to de-risk your investments by diversifying smartly. Every time you back an entrepreneur or small business, you are taking a risk, but if your investment portfolio is diverse, the gains you derive from some investments could possibly outweigh the losses incurred from others.

Counter inflation

Investing is also a strategy to avoid feeling the effects of inflation. The costs of goods and services changes over time due to inflation, so, having €1000 in savings now will not feel the same in just ten years.

Support entrepreneurs and local businesses

Investing in young startups, scale-ups and small businesses has a positive result beyond just the potential return on investment. By investing you are helping an entrepreneur access capital, which in turn helps them to grow their business and create jobs.

Invest in a business

Spreds helps you to support and empower entrepreneurship, boost innovation, and build tomorrow’s economy

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