Whether you’re looking to invest small or large amounts in individual campaigns or use our Tracers to do that for you, you’ll find everything you need to know about these options here.

  1. Investing in individual equity campaigns

    For each equity investment you make on our platform, we add a 5% commission for our services. Example: if you wish to invest €100 in a campaign, the final amount we will ask you to pay will be of €105.

    In addition, a performance fee will be withheld from the capital gain realised in the case of participation in the capital. This aligns both your interests and Spreds Finance’s interests during the follow-up of your investment. In case of a positive exit, Spreds will earn 20% on the capital gain exceeding a 5% yearly capitalised return or internal rate of return (priority amount for the investor as mentioned in the Information Note).

    If you invest €10,500 in a start-up that finds an exit after 2 years for twice the total invested amount.

    Your priority amount after year 1 (5%) = €11,025.
    Your priority amount after year 2 (5%) = €11,576.25.

    Since the shares will be sold for twice their price, this means €21,000 for a €10,500 investment, the capital gain exceeding the 5% return in this specific situation will be of €9,423.75 (€21,000-€11,576.25).

    Spreds will earn 20% of this capital gain (€1,884.75) and you will receive 80% (€7,539).

    Your final gain will be €19,115.25 or a return of 86.15%.

    Please note that if the capital gain does not exceed a 5% yearly internal rate of return, Spreds won’t receive any carried interests.

  2. Investing though a tracer

    We charge a set-up fee. This covers our services, as well as priority access to exclusive campaigns.

    As for any investment opportunity, a reduced subscription fee of 4% will be charged for each investment.

Tracer vs. Venture Capital funds

Contrary to classic venture capital funds, our new service “Tracers” allows you to keep complete control over your investments. Find out our other main advantages below.


You have the final say in each investment opportunity

No professional follow-up per say but depending on the characteristics of the Tracer, the participation of a professional co-investor is required for each start-up.

Proceeds of each exit are paid out at each exit

Less expensive (thanks to digitalisation)

Venture Capital funds

The obligation to invest in every opportunity

Professional follow-up

Proceeds of exits are usually grouped at certain time periods with a final pay-out after 10 years

More expensive than a Tracer

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