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In a nutshell, is a revolutionary one-stop-shop for B2B marketing that uses specialized AI technology to transform the way businesses procure their marketing needs. By leveraging deep industry insights, market trends, and real-time data tracking, empowers businesses to run successful marketing campaigns.


We believe that marketing is crucial for companies to achieve success and growth, which is why on average 30-60% of startups & scale-ups invest in marketing, making it a necessary investment for companies.

The traditional approach to marketing procurement is inefficient and lacks factual basis.
With digital transformation and technology, we can disrupt this space by automating and streamlining these outdated processes to make them more efficient. Our focus is on achieving tangible results through marketing.


The problem with marketing is that:

  • it's not always measurable, transparent, or efficient due to outdated procurement processes.
  • It can be expensive, not give a good return on investment, and often lacks factual basis.
  • Marketing strategies are not always tailored to the needs of the business and the way it's consumed
  • Marketing is often outdated in many industries


Our solution is a one-stop business hub that uses AI technology and dynamic real-time data sources to provide tailored marketing solutions to businesses.


We have the right technology and a skilled team in place to meet the demands of the growing market.


  • Our founder Jolien, a seasoned marketing expert with 15+ years of experience in marketing and consulting, is the driving force behind Jelloow. She has established her own marketing agency, Marketing Scaleurs, and has even authored a marketing book, "Think Big Scale Fast."
  • Co-founder Tobi, a performance-driven data and sales expert, brings his entrepreneurial talent and experience to the team.
  • Advisor Itay, a seasoned leader with experience in driving change and sustained performance, brings expertise in building data models and growth engines.
  • Advisor Corey, with over a decade of experience in building online marketplaces, brings a deep understanding of product-market fit and a wealth of knowledge from his time operating an award-winning digital marketing agency.

“We are passionate about filling the gap in the market and believe that if we don't do it, someone else will. We are not just talking about it, we are building it.”
— Jolien Demeyer - Founder Jelloow


After almost a year in the market, Jelloow has already made significant strides, with a global network of over 3000 marketing agencies and a monthly recurring revenue (MRR) of around 5000 euro.Together with the Vlaio we are also working on a research and development project.


We have a clear plan for the use of funds, with 40% going towards marketing efforts, 35% towards team and platform building, 20% towards platform costs and tools, and 5% towards other costs such as communication and IT.


“As someone who has spent 26 years on both agency and client side, a tool that helps find a better match is definitely needed especially if it saves wasted time, wasted money, and bad partnerships. Definitely solving a need!”
— Thierry Bayle - Global Fashion Management

“ That is pretty awesome Idea... I am currently in between marketing agencies and my last one was a total failure . The took our money and provided zero results. Finding a trustworthy one is so important”
— Paulina Vargas ‘

“Good idea / many brands choose very poor partners!!!”
— Jen Zeszut, CEO Gooder Foods