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What is augmented reality?

To understand the value of augmented reality, a technical perspective is needed. Augmented reality, or AR, is a medium. Mediums are things we create to do mass communication. Written text is a medium, images are a medium and video is a medium. Each new medium that offers better use-cases, eventually surpasses its predecessors in value. And so will be the case with augmented reality.

As AR can do everything other mediums can, AND can do countless things no other medium can. AR is digital content that exists in the physical world. Content that can be anything and is interactive in very natural ways. Jamie Oliver in your kitchen helping you cook, a new car by your favourite brand being parked on your driveway, a sports quiz floating above a soccer field entertaining soccer fans during half-time. Anything is possible.

The idea behind Tropos AR

Everyone knows augmented reality is the next big thing. Apple has laid out it’s plans for AR, Alphabet (Google) is making an AR operating system and Samsung, Meta and many others are all on the path to consumer AR glasses. Eventually, it will become the dominant medium in which we all communicate digitally. Within the gradual growth of the AR glasses industry, lies the opportunity on which Tropos AR is built. As that new hardware market needs an on-ramp coming from the current market. That current market being: the mobile phone. Great AR on mobile phones is the key to becoming a leader in world of AR glasses. That is the vision on which Tropos AR was built. 

The Product

The goal of Tropos AR was simple yet challenging: Can we create a building block of augmented reality middleware, that allows other companies to use the AR medium at less than 20% of the current industry cost? And at the same time, bring those AR experiences to the market in 1/4th of the industry standard time? The product that allows them to do so, is called the Tropos AR SDK. And SDK is a piece of software that can be added to existing software, giving that existing software new functionalities.

The Tropos AR SDK is an all-in-one tool that can be implemented into any existing mobile app, in less than two days. It allows companies to ONLY worry about the actual AR experiences they want to bring to the world. And for the first time ever, they can start communicating through the AR medium, as frequent as they use video. The Tropos AR SDK was built in Unity, the world's largest multi-purpose graphics engine, and official partner of Apple's AR device, the VisionPro. Choosing this technology means over 1.5 million companies are skilled at creating AR content. And from that starting point, Tropos AR will grow alongside of them, into the market of augmented reality glasses.

How Tropos AR makes money

The Tropos AR SDK is a Saas, driven by a simple business model. A business model that is a mix of an internet hosting company and advertisement networks like Google, Meta and others. In short, every time the Tropos AR technology shows AR to a consumer, the company makes money. Equally important is this: every company that used the Tropos AR SDK is free to monetise the AR content they bring to their users. Fan engagement can be mixed with commercial content, online press can be supercharged with AR ads that blow peoples minds and users can be motivated to visit physical locations by rewarding them with cool AR rewards. The AR medium has countless ways to become a new revenue stream or save companies money.

For more info on our product, please visit the company's website:

So... what is the magic?

The Tropos AR team understood that for a medium to reach mass adoption, you need to a universal, market agnostic user interface. The radio got the dial that scans radio-waves, TV has the TV remote and the internet got the web browser. All three of them interfaces that haven't changed since they where invented. Tropos AR did research that showed that all components to create a final layer of AR user interface are available. But no one embarked on the journey to built that unifying AR user interface … yet. 

Tropos AR spent more than two years doing R&D and building prototypes, to end up with the best possible AR camera user interface, which also offers all types of AR technology through one single camera lens. That, alongside all UI components of all other functionalities needed for the AR medium. And of course, once we had our final design, we protected those designs through the international The Hague agreement. What Tropos AR has built, is the part no-one likes to build. The technology that makes everything run smoothly and feels so natural to users, as if it always existed.

Deployed, traction & profitable

Tropos AR is not a new start-up. The company was founded in December 2020, with the help of a group of business angels. It has a finalised product, triple A clients and a Saas product that is in the process of being implemented into large scale platforms. Yet, our company can also count on its AR content development department to generate enough revenue to cover its complete operational costs. With over 200 AR experiences created and a client list of well-known names like National Lotery, Worldline, Belfius, Flemish Government, Port of Antwerp-Bruges, Red Star Line museum, and many more ... Tropos AR's AR content division is among the world's most prominent AR content creators.

For a glimpse of AR content magic, created by Tropos AR, visit

Next step: worldwide scaling

With the main product being completed, and healthy revenue from AR content creation, Tropos AR wants to expand internationally. The company is raising €575.000, of which the first €226.000 is still eligible for Tax Shelter in this offer. With that funding, the company wants to reach the following goals:

More working capital. 13%
The bigger our clients become, the bigger the budget and the longer their payment terms. We need some more breathing room to facilitate that growth.

Accelerate adoption of the Tropos AR SDK. 25,6%
The Tropos AR SDK is ready to be sold BY others. Almost all companies doing AR, are better off using a middleware like ours. We have an amazing offer, where we save them tons of money, and split our AR cloud revenue with them. 

Leverage the AR community.  9%
Tropos AR will transform its AR cloud as our quasi Open Source environment, allowing anyone to build components for AR experiences, or AR experiences that can be tailored with other media or content. 

Increase social media & brand recognition. 13,7%
Perception is reality. So our team understands that although we’re still in the beginning of Bell’s adoption curve, we need to start communicating towards the early and late majority. 

Dedicated live sports business developer. 14%
With our technology done, and accelerator Hype Sports Innovation allowing us to present to the biggest names in live sports, we need to actively work that market through a dedicated business developer. 

Trademarks & partnerships. 8,5%
Our relationship with Worldline has proven that multinationals can really benefit from us as a partner … and we can benefit from them as well. They value companies that not only own unique software, but own trademarks as well. Expanding the protection on our current designs, as well as filing new ones for upcoming features to our SDK, is expensive. 

GDPR preparation. 8,5% 
The AR medium brings with it the next generation of data: spatial data. Our service needs to comply with all GDPR ruling when moving through our systems. Tropos AR has already taken steps to prepare to comply with large organisations and their GDPR demands.

Series A due-diligence. 8,5% 
With Apple entering the market, the rate at which the AR market is heating up is increasing. Our company aims to be 100% ready for a Series A funding round, once other market specifics align.