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Jelloow 2A

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Jelloow is entering a rapidly growing market with a primary focus on businesses. The demand for marketing expertise is universal, and companies worldwide are seeking effective solutions. 

Initially, we target startups and scaleups that have recently secured funding (pre-seed, seed, series A&B). This specific segment is crucial, as these companies have just acquired capital and are keen on making the most significant impact with their investment. By guiding them in selecting the right marketing services and, if necessary, connecting them with suitable marketing agencies, Jelloow aims to streamline their efforts, ultimately saving them valuable time and resources. 

The concentration of such companies is notably increasing in Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany.

Jelloow growing market

  • Technical Innovation: By leveraging Machine Learning (ML), Jelloow seeks to uncover the insights hidden within the data. This approach enables brands and marketing companies to understand their respective needs and services better, fostering connections that allow marketing agencies to create a significant impact for the brands and companies.

  • Business Innovation: In contrast to competitors who predominantly prioritize marketing agencies as their main clients to generate revenue, Jelloow takes a distinctive approach by focusing on the brands and companies. It aims to make marketing agencies jointly responsible for the achieved results. Jelloow's strategy revolves around providing diagnoses and insights to both companies/brands and marketing agencies. This collaborative assessment allows them to evaluate the proposed matches by Jelloow based on the needs of the brand/company and the capacities of the marketing agencies. The central goal is to offer insights that were previously unavailable, empowering both parties to maximize the success of a match where marketing agencies deliver impactful messages that resonate with end users.

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A remaining amount of €340,500 is available for the Tax Shelter benefit.

Fact sheet

Advised by a professional start-up advisor
Valuation is set by the co-investor or incubator
Co-investor or incubator will be members or observers to the board
At the closing, an incubator, accelerator, or studio will have shares
At the closing, the entrepreneurs have contributed a minimum of €15,000 in cash in exchange for shares
Emits less than 3.7 t of CO2 per year, per employee
At the closing, a professional co-investor will have invested at least €25,000
Prior fundraising in equity or convertible loan with 10 or more investors
Seasoned entrepreneurs
Considered “compliant” on the assessment tool of Tapio
Minimum 2 active entrepreneurs
Valuation set by an organisation specialized in valuations of comparable size
Valuation is less than €1 million or 10x last year’s turnover

Raise summary

Crowd investments €39,500
Committed by others €400,000
Amount raised €439,500
Minimum round €25,000
Maximum round €945,000
Shares in the company (total round) 46.21%
Pre-money valuation €1,100,000
Post-money valuation min. €1,125,000
Post-money valuation max. €2,045,000