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Jelloow 2A

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Jolien Demeyer


Founder | Just do it | Author | Growth hacker | Marketing Scaleur

Jolien Demeyer is not just a founder but also an accomplished author and marketing expert with over 15 years of industry experience. Armed with multiple master's degrees in management, economics, and EMBA, she has played pivotal roles as a marketing manager and chief scale manager. Additionally, Jolien has successfully operated her own marketing agencies, specializing in assisting European companies in scaling across the United States. Her profound understanding of both the tech and marketing realms sets her apart, making her an adept leader for Jelloow in navigating the evolving landscape of marketing services.

Jolien founded Marketing Scaleurs ®, a marketing agency focused on scaling tech companies in the US. She also wrote the book "Think Big, Scale Fast" and co-founded the real estate company MyCataleya LLC. Currently, she mentors women founders and demonstrates her marketing expertise and product launch skills. With a strong understanding of the Belgian, Dutch, and German markets, Jolien is based in Belgium.

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Tobias Schulz


Tobias Schulz, a co-founder of Jelloow, hails from Germany. Having met Jolien during their shared 2018 EMBA program, they have collaborated effectively ever since. Tobias specializes in sales performance and data security, bringing years of experience in business development and sales management, including roles at HPE and Vodafone. Currently, he contributes his expertise to Keyfactor, a company focused on data security. With a background rooted in sales, Tobias possesses a solid understanding of introducing new products and services to the market. His extensive travels have provided him with a broad perspective on various markets.

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Itay Gross

Board member

Itay Gross is a Jelloow Advisor with roots in The Netherlands. He joined the Jelloow team in April 2022. As an entrepreneur, board member and consultant, Itay advises international firms on growth and innovation. He has expertise in FinTech, HighTech, digitalization and transformation technologies, garnered over 25 years in senior management roles, including CEO, COO, and CIO. Under his leadership, companies have undergone changes and achieved sustained success, thanks to his ability to identify business opportunities, establish a clear organizational vision, and integrate innovation and creative thinking for maximum impact.

His LinkedIn:

Corey Hart

Board member

Corey is an advisor for Jelloow, based in the US with family ties in Austria. He joined the Jelloow team in December 2021. With over 10 years of experience in building online marketplaces, Corey is an expert in product market fit, go-to-market strategy, business development, and customer success. He previously owned and ran an award-winning digital marketing agency for three years, giving him a unique understanding of both sides of the marketplace.

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Stijn Van Hijfte


Stijn Van Hijfte, serving as CTO from January 1, 2024, is a multifaceted professional with degrees in political science, business economics, and tax law. Despite his academic background, he swiftly delved into diverse domains, including AI, IT, blockchain technology, data science, cybersecurity, microservices, project, and information management. Known for his insatiable thirst for knowledge and a penchant for exploring new territories, Stijn operates as a self-employed individual for various companies. Additionally, he imparts his expertise as a lecturer at Howest. Stijn has authored several books, such as "A Quick Guide to AI," "Blockchain Platforms," "Decoding Blockchain for Business," and "Make Your Organization a Centre of Innovation." In his role as CTO, Stijn spearheads the R&D team, orchestrating the implementation of current and future innovations into robust products and services.

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Investments in this company benefit from a 45% personal income tax reduction. Read more…
A remaining amount of €340,500 is available for the Tax Shelter benefit.

Fact sheet

Advised by a professional start-up advisor
Valuation is set by the co-investor or incubator
Co-investor or incubator will be members or observers to the board
At the closing, an incubator, accelerator, or studio will have shares
At the closing, the entrepreneurs have contributed a minimum of €15,000 in cash in exchange for shares
Emits less than 3.7 t of CO2 per year, per employee
At the closing, a professional co-investor will have invested at least €25,000
Prior fundraising in equity or convertible loan with 10 or more investors
Seasoned entrepreneurs
Considered “compliant” on the assessment tool of Tapio
Minimum 2 active entrepreneurs
Valuation set by an organisation specialized in valuations of comparable size
Valuation is less than €1 million or 10x last year’s turnover

Raise summary

Crowd investments €39,500
Committed by others €400,000
Amount raised €439,500
Minimum round €25,000
Maximum round €945,000
Shares in the company (total round) 46.21%
Pre-money valuation €1,100,000
Post-money valuation min. €1,125,000
Post-money valuation max. €2,045,000