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MIA ZIA is a Belgian women's ready-to-wear brand, created in 1997. For nearly 20 years, MIA ZIA has been scarves, socks, dresses, and sweaters. The DNA of the brand is the stripes, which are reimagined from season to season, as well as the knit, the pompoms, and the colours.

These 4 elements have always been the trademark of MIA ZIA, and still allow MIA ZIA to be recognised at first glance: its identity is very strong!

The philosophy of MIA ZIA can be summed up in 3 words: expertise, quality and ethics.

The production of the articles is done in specialised family workshops: the best handcrafting talents combined with traditional techniques guarantee the quality of all of its products.

Fine materials are used: merino wool, cashmere, cotton, silk, bamboo, etc. The spools of yarn are imported from the best Italian mills. MIA ZIA quality: a real asset.

Finally, the golden rule at MIA ZIA: ethics. Working conditions are properly maintained.

MIA ZIA is a company full of energy, and we are convinced that it has an undeniable potential to develop.

MIA ZIA’s primary objective is to significantly increase its turnover by increasing the sales amount (B2B and B2C) through:

1) An improvement of the web site and e-shop in order to stimulate B2C sales. These will significantly boost the amount of sales since the margins are much larger.

2) A more affordable collection (created for partner boutiques as part of B2B activities) resulting from production choices and design strategies that do not detract from the product quality.

3) An additional commercial employee who will help the team explore shops in Flanders but also elsewhere (Wallonia, Brussels, or France).


At a time when the digital world has become unavoidable, choice, whether it’s "good" eating or "dressing well", has become unlimited. While we read in the press about the ethical problems of the big chains whose objective is to produce at the lowest price and as quickly as possible, we reassure ourselves by noting that there is still a place for quality rather than quantity.
The borderline between "Fast-Fashion" and "high-end" is fortunately well maintained.

Returning to basics is a universal need. The clothing market has certainly changed, but in a world where everything looks the same, there is an increasing willingness on the part of consumers to want to be different and live differently.


MIA ZIA produces a variety of accessories (various types of scarves, socks, bags, and bracelets), ready-to-wear collections, and linens (bath and bed linen) which put** expertise and exceptional quality** at the forefront and are aimed at women with high purchasing power who value this quality and continuity rather than "Fast-Fashion”.

The MIA ZIA woman is modern, active, and urban. She has personality and stands out: she has her style. A “high end” positioning for women who understand and dare to be different.

Marketing strategy

Its universe allows MIA ZIA to differentiate itself from its competitors and more easily position itself on the market.
The current customer portfolio consists of 60 boutiques. These are concentrated mainly on the French, Swiss, and Belgian markets (primarily French-speaking). One of the objectives is to extend the market in Flanders and other regions in France. MIA ZIA also exports to some countries in the international market.

Distribution strategy

Increase the level of sales by exploiting the B2C channel, by finding new partners through the B2B channel.

Intellectual Property

The MIA ZIA trademark is registered at the international and European level.

Major contracts

MIA ZIA Corner at Bon Marché Rive Gauche Paris (for more than 15 years now!)

Main partners

MIA ZIA makes the high quality of its products a point of honour and has therefore decided to produce in workshops or small factories using traditional expertise and techniques in Morocco, Portugal, India, and Nepal.

The spools of yarn are imported from the best Italian mills: Barufa, Tollegno for wool, and Emilcotoni for cotton yarn.