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Market positioning

MIA ZIA has, above all, active and urban women with high to very high incomes for its preferred target customers. This target is especially, in fact, between 35 and 55 years old. Nevertheless, a repositioning to attract a younger and more “trendy” demographic is underway.

Regarding positioning, MIA ZIA distinguishes itself from its competitors by its own strong identity in terms of design and also by its diversified offer that allows customers to have a better perception of the MIA ZIA universe.

In addition, MIA ZIA is committed to respecting the working conditions of all of the employees who have participated in the production of finished products and attaches great importance to the specialised production expertise and techniques. This reinforces the singular identity and image of the brand as well.

Market trends

With respect to the means available to MIA ZIA, the presentation and the originality of the products highlight and demonstrate the company’s commitment to be "the best" among its competitors with regards to:
- respect for workers
- unique expertise in workshops or small factories
- exceptional materials.
MIA ZIA seekstwo types of clients:
1) B2B: this clientele is represented by ready-to-wear or accessory boutiques, concept stores, and department stores. These buyers mainly buy in showrooms in Paris or Brussels.
There are no MIA ZIA boutiques, and this is why the prospecting work with boutiques is crucial for sales and therefore the turnover of MIA ZIA.
2) B2C: MIA ZIA is focused on developing this clientele, in particular, by regularly opening the "POP-UP Stores" where the collection of the current season is sold. These ephemeral projects are very successful.
The boutiques where the MIA ZIA items are distributed are concentrated in France, Walloon Brabant, and Brussels.
MIA ZIA is also sold in Switzerland, Japan, the United States, Italy, and Australia.


MIA ZIA does not really have direct competitors, but rather competitors with regard to certain aspects (prices, target customers, products):
· Missoni M offers very colourful clothes and accessories that differentiate themselves from MIA ZIA by its stitching identity.
· Essentiel offers colourful and original options in a similar price range. However, this brand also offers more sober designs.
· Paule Ka is a competitor in terms of target customers. The brand has a clientele of the same age as that of MIA ZIA (women 35-65 years old with a high purchasing power).
· Antik Batik is a competitor in terms of image, quality, and price range. Nevertheless, Antik Batik enjoys a more fashionable image and is considered a rather pointed “fashion” brand, which is not so much the case with MIA ZIA.
· Epice and Inouïtoosh are brands that mainly sell various scarves. However, the price range of Epice is much higher than that of MIA ZIA.