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Jennick Scheerlinck


Driven by an unquenchable passion for technology and enterprise, as a youth I swung from one project to the next. After attaining my Masters degree in software engineering, I worked for Financial Architects as an Application Developer and later as a Sales Engineer.

Jonas Heirwegh and I formed Hoplr in 2014. At the time, I was responsible for more or less everything to do with technology. Today, I primarily focus on the general vision and strategy, project management, business development and from time to time, product development, because I can’t resist it!

Jonas Heirwegh


As a founder and product designer, I am responsible for the general vision and focus of Hoplr. I specialise mainly in user experience design, interface design, retention techniques, branding and market research.

Arnaud De Groote


At Hoplr, I am a Software Engineer and responsible for IT Operations.

In addition to the day-to-day operational matters, my package of duties includes software development, system control, network management, hardware, the cloud and everything in between.

As a co-founder, I also help to establish the strategy and milestones for our platform.

Jelle Jacobs


I began as a student entrepreneur and after graduating, was fortunate enough to be able to continue working on Hoplr full-time. As a Business Development Manager, my responsibility is to help design the business side of our company.

Thomas Van Machelen


As a lead developer, I work on developing Hoplr. We work on what we build and what it should look like with an entire team. I then make sure that the new functionalities are added to the website, the app or the dashboard for towns and municipal authorities.

Joris Gallens


From a young age, I have always been extremely interested in the progress of our society and my journalism training reflected that curiosity.

Later, I followed my great passion and did a Masters degree in Film Studies and Visual Culture at the University of Antwerp.

If I work for something, I need to have 100% belief in it and when Hoplr came across my path, I knew almost instantly that it was right for me. Everyone knows the slogan ‘Change the world, start with yourself’. Well, you follow ‘yourself’ with ‘your environment’ and Hoplr just happens to be the perfect platform for that.

André Duval

Board member

Following a meteoric career at TBWA, André Duval reached the head of the agency at a young age. In 1996, he began his own advertising agency, Duval Guillaume, together with Guillaume van der Stighelen. Having grown to become the biggest and leading advertising agency in Belgium, it was placed on the international map. Duval Guillaume was sold to Publicis and Duval founded a new business, Duval Union.

Originally regarded as an investment vehicle, Duval Union has today grown to become a fully-fledged marketing and communications collective.

Kristoff De Winne

Board member

Strategic projects and communications at Matexi Group NV

Guy Huyberechts

Board member

Sales Excellence Manager at Matexi

Omar Mohout


Omar provides companies with insights through his years of international experience in setting up and growing start-ups.

His interests include working with investors who create added value, building web and software services, working out optimal ways to sell and distribute technology products and setting up advisory councils to accelerate the growth of ambitious start-ups.

Klaus Lommatzsch


Klaus Lommatzsch was one of the pioneers at Duval Guillaume. Together with André Duval and other partners, he served as Managing Partner and later as CEO of Duval Guillaume. Lommatzsch managed a period of strong growth of the agency, from five to 250 employees, and realised an annual gross margin of €30 million. Duval Guillaume won many prizes, including 17 Effie Awards over a period of 10 years.