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Powering up Africa through a renewable energy revolution
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Market positioning

Hydrobox' value proposition is based on three core values: offering affordable, reliable and sustainable water-generated electricity. As such, we empower thousands of households, businesses and industries. We have 2 main value propositions, balancing risks as well as profitability and social impact.

Hydrobox as a SERVICE provides us with a stable source of income resulting for annual electricity sales for power plats that we develop, own and operate.

A power plant of 688 kW connected to the national grid will generate an annual income of 300.000 EUR/year. A smaller off-grid plant of 150 kW will generate an annual income of 60.000 EUR/year while offering electricity 20% cheaper than existing utility companies and with a fixed fee of 2 EUR/month for low-income households using power for basic purposes.

Hydrobox as a PRODUCT allows us to scale up our company without being limited by the amount of money we are able to raise ourselves. We develop the power plant and sell it to our customers, while signing an agreement to operate & maintain the power plant on their behalf and receiving a management fee.

Market trends

In 2018, 58.4 per cent of surveyed hydropower decision-makers and professionals expect to expand their company's installed capacity in the next three years, while 51.7 per cent of respondents expect to increase investments in hydropower over the next three years.

By generating electricity from hydropower instead of coal, in 2017 the world prevented approximately 4 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases – and avoided a 10 per cent rise in global emissions from fossil fuels and industry. It also avoided 148 million tonnes of air polluting particulates, 62 million tonnes of sulphur dioxide, and 8 million tonnes of nitrogen oxide from being emitted.

Hydropower presents an opportunity for economic development and the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Hydropower potential exceeds current and medium term demand in the region and, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), the cost of electricity from new hydropower projects remains the lowest among renewable energy sources globally.