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Hydrobox CVBA/SCRL is a Belgian company developing hydro power plants that harvest the power of running water and then transform it into electricity to provide an affordable, reliable, sustainable and scalable source of electricity for rural households in developing countries.

The Hydrobox is a standardised, containerised & remotely monitored power plant equipped with smart sensors, using artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to enable efficient & transparent operations. Hydrobox plans to develop & operate 6 power plants in Kenya over the next 4 years, selling affordable electricity directly to households, businesses and the national electricity grid (Hydrobox as a SERVICE). In addition, the Hydrobox will be sold as a turnkey power plant (Hydrobox as a PRODUCT) to businesses and institutions in need of a sustainable power source or looking to make an investment.

With each future Hydrobox, we will be able to power between 2.000 and 20.000 individuals, SMEs, professional agriculture and local industry.

Today, our pilot plant is already producing electricity for 1.000 individuals in Murang'a County, Kenya.

Our goal for 2019-2020 is to scale up our off-grid capacity, develop the first large on-grid plant and lay a solid basis for the expansion across Africa.


Currently over 1.2 billion people worldwide do not have access to basic electricity. In Africa alone that number is a staggering 635 million or 57% of the entire population. Within the Sub Saharan, 68% of all inhabitants are without power.... Needless to say, this is a challenge that offers economic and societal impact.

Power is the prerequisite for all economic and social development and currently Africa's energy needs are not being met. Fossil fuels such as coal and oil provide power for most of the world however the processes of extracting and converting these materials are destructive and lead to heavy pollution. Africa has an immense untapped renewable energy potential; for hydropower alone, only 8% of its potential has been developed. As the energy demand is expected to triple by 2030, it is time to tap into to our natural renewable resources and stop relying on unsustainable alternatives.


Hydrobox brings power to the people. Our mission is to provide reliable, affordable and sustainable access to energy in regions that do not have this today. We offer an innovative turnkey solution that relies on the most efficient, affordable and sustainable source of energy: hydropower. Traditional hydropower plants require the construction of dams which can be environmentally intrusive and expensive. The Hydrobox is a standardized, containerized powerplant that solves many of the challenges of hydro projects. Equipped with smart sensors and using artificial intelligence & blockchain technology, the Hydrobox allows remote monitoring & control, as well as predictive operation & maintenance.

  • Containerised power plants allow for:
    - shorter installation time (< 1 year)
    - reduced installation costs
    - mobility in case of changes in political & economic context
  • Smart sensors & use of artificial intelligence & blockchain allow for:
    - accurate monitoring of environmental conditions
    - real time monitoring & forecasting of electricity production
    - remote operation of the plant and the grid
    - predictive operation & maintenance
  • The Hydrobox can be operated in on-grid and off-grid setting:
    - selling electricity to households, businesses, industry
    - selling electricity to the national grid
  • Capacity: 100 kW - 5 MW

Marketing strategy

HYDROBOX AS A SERVICE: Electricity grid (on-grid), Individual Households, SMEs, Industry (off-grid). Our short term goals are to increase Hydrobox awareness in order to attract new customers and solidify customer retention. We will do this by communicating the affordability, reliability and consistency of our services through the following channels:
- Radio
- Social Media Platforms
- Word-of-mouth
- Face-to-face
- Advertorials
- Direct Mailing.

HYDROBOX AS A PRODUCT: Large local businesses, Government entities, Investment funds - Communicating to our target group through direct B2B sales.

Main partners

- Turbulent is a Belgian turbine manufacturer developing MICRO HYDRO technology (50 - 150 kW)​. They have developed an innovative low cost turbine ideal for LOW HEAD sites (1-10m high).

- The Artificial Intelligence department of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and Hydrobox have a partnership to integrate smart sensoring, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology in our projects.

- JLA Hydro is a Belgian turbine manufacturer developing MINI HYDRO technology (100 kW - 1 MW)​. They develop the versatile & cost-effective crossflow turbine, ideal for MEDIUM HEAD sites (10-50m).

- Infrapower SA produces standardized & containerized SMALL HYDRO power plants (1-10 MW)​ for HIGH HEADS (+50m). They provide design, engineering, construction support to Hydrobox.

- National Environment Trust Fund (NETFUND) is a Kenyan State Corporation providing business incubation support to innovate start-ups working on environmental challenges. They are our direct line for government relations matters in Kenya.

- The Alliance for Rural Electrification enables improved energy access through business development support along the whole value chain for off-grid technologies. They provide key policy and technical recommendations for Hydrobox.