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Description is an eCommerce website that organizes weekly private sales of the finest selection of wines on the internet.
The private sale model, which started with the clothing category in 2001 in France, is now a perfect business model for the wine sector.
The model is easy: the more members you have, the better access you have to fabulous wines with exceptional discounts and, the better your wines are, the more members you attract.
The virtual circle generates virality through the following:
  • Quality: all our wines are tasted by our selection committee 3 weeks before every sale. This allows Sacriana to offer only wines of great quality and have the best updated tasting descriptions available on internet.
  • Great prices: we have access to a database of 1,5 million members. This gives us the leverage to negotiate the most interesting discounts for our members, up to 35%.
  • Limited period of time: each sale only lasts for 7 days.
  • Limited inventory: this pushes our members to buy quickly because our stocks never last long.
Becoming a Sacriana member is very simple and totally free.
Sacriana was launched in May 2012. Its early achievements triggered the interest of the Cameleon-Snapstore Group, who became shareholders in August 2012.
In July 2013 we welcomed BeAngels as professional investors with the idea to launch the crowdfunding end of 2013.
Wine is a noble product that needs to be shared with friends. We therefore strongly believe this is why crowfunding is perfect for our project.
Our medium-term goal is to be the biggest wine private sales in the Benelux.


The Belgian market is worth 2,6 billion € and has been growing at an average 3% over the last 5 years. The wine market is fragmented and mainly sold through supermarkets.
Private sales of wine are booming. The biggest French private sale actor sold 30 million € of wine in 2012.
The feedback from the market is:
  • Selecting is hard: too much choice kills the choice. Supermarkets offer a wide variety of wines but the customers don’t know what to choose anymore.
  • Quantity over quality: when big chains sell wine, they need to purchase massive quantities. This might provide cheap prices but it also provides… cheap quality. As French winemakers often say, they have to “laisser pisser la vigne” or “milk their vines”, in order to sell to supermarkets which often has an opposite correlation with quality.
  • No more advice: cost-cutting has banned sommeliers out of the shops. People are looking for advice when selecting their wine.
  • Delivery: wine boxes are heavy, it’s not always comfortable to buy in a shop.
  • Buying wine on Internet: a lot of cowboys have historically been selling wine on the internet. Quality and availability haven’t been their biggest strengths.


Product delivery:
Online on our wines are delivered at the place of your choice by a specialized wine transporter.
Offline at our pop-up store (Cameleon Woluwe): visiting our store gives you the opportunity to discover our team, taste our great wines and find out for yourself which selection criteria's we apply to offer you only quality wines.
Member Acquisition:
To attract new members we focus on eMarketing:
  • Our referral program 'invite your friend'
  • Social media