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« Cosmeceutics » products, on the border of the pharmaceutical world and traditional cosmetics.
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EVOCURE fits with the "cosmeceutics" trend, on the border of the pharmaceutical world and traditional cosmetics, following the principle of using exclusively active ingredients with recognized effectiveness both in dermatology and in aesthetic medicine, and in a concentration sufficient to offer optimal results.

EVOCURE is one of the only brands to offer total transparency about the concentration of all the main active ingredients by displaying them on its packaging, something which the traditional cosmetics industry has never dared to do till now.

It's main activity is to develop anti-aging products and beauty care products which use a higher concentration of active ingredients associated with textures and aromas that are highly appreciated.


Like any fast-growing company, EVOCURE needs capital to finance its development. The new financial resources generated by this crowdfunding transaction will principally serve both to reinforce and to professionalize the sales team and the marketing tools in order to extend the EVOCURE distribution network in Belgium and in nearby countries. Meanwhile, the company plans to add to its range during 2015 with the launch of 3 new products in the coming months.


EVOCURE supplies beauty products of very high quality which offer visible and long lasting results to their users. The products are developed using the philosophy of cosmeceutics.

  • Exclusive use of very powerful active main ingredients with proven efficacy shown in scientific studies.
  • High dosage of main active ingredients in order to achieve the best anti-aging results.
  • Transparency about the dosages of the principle active ingredients.

EVOCURE FOR PROFESSIONALS Supplied to beauty salons practicing professional treatments of scars, cellulite and wrinkles.

Top 5 arguments

  • Innovative products: microinised hyaluronic acid and Bio-Blend technology.
  • Growth potential of 8% per year for the cosmeceutical market over the coming 5 years.
  • Numerous partners with more than 700 potential points of sale.
  • Scientific committee composed of pharmacists, dermatologists and doctors of aesthetic medicine.
  • Raising funds will serve to increase the number of distributors' points of sale (>700 potential).

Product range

Masterful formulation with the most advanced molecules of aesthetic medicine and skillful design and fabrication of very complex products: acids, peeling, masks and sterile flasks, growth factors, peptides, modified vitamins, etc.

The EVOCURE range consists today of 8 care preparations for the face which meet the needs of the most demanding women, 2 care preparations for the body and 2 care preparations to treat problems related to the hair.

Technologies used

Microinised Hyaluronic Acid (low molecular weight): This form of hyaluronic acid offers excellent hydration of the skin an the protection and preserving properties of the principal active ingredients.

Bio-Blend Technology (liquid crystals): The know-how of cosmetics production makes it possible to blend ingredients in optimal manner, all of which gives the formulations great stability, a very light texture, non-sticking and improved penetration of the main active ingredients into the skin.

Formulation using peptides and Epidermic Growth Factor (EGF): The proteins used by the body as biological messages, responsible for initiating renewal and cellar repair.


  • Developed distribution network: 50 points of sale in Belgium and Luxembourg.
  • Partnership with Multipharma, Lloyds Pharmacy and Pharmactiv (>700 potential points of sale).
  • Sales of 12 different products with a very high degree of consumer satisfaction: more than 5000 products sold since the start.
  • Shown and approved in many media outlets: Paris Match, ELLE, Femmes Magazine, Lifestyle...

Marketing strategy

Formulation, design and distribution of our own brand and of its products thanks to a network of points of sale.

Distribution strategy

Sales of the products in the pharmacies and para pharmacies. Presently there are already 50 points of sale in Belgium and in Luxembourg. The present partners have more than 700 potential points of sale where the products could be on offer.
Sales of EVOCURE FOR PROFESSIONALS in beauty salons.
Via our online boutique where the entire product range is offered thanks to a secure transaction system.

Main partners

Lors du lancement en novembre 2013, la société ne pouvait compter que sur 3 pharmacies indépendantes à Bruxelles pour distribuer les produits de la gamme. Très vite, EVOCURE, a noué un partenariat commercial avec le groupe Multipharma afin d'étendre la distribution dans le parapharmacies iU et le Groupe Lloyds Pharma, et le réseau de pharmacies indépendantes Pharmactiv pour distribuer les produits dans une sélection de leurs pharmacies en Belgique.