Teonia 1A

« Cosmeceutics » products, on the border of the pharmaceutical world and traditional cosmetics.
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Market positioning

Sales of products to distributors (pharmacies and para pharmacies), to beauty salons (professional care products) and to consumers via the online boutique.

Market trends

AGING OF THE POPULATION Average life expectancy has been increasing over time and this is positive for the development of a well-being market and beauty products. People live longer but always want to appear young.

BEAUTY / WELL-BEING The wish to keep one's skin and hair is in good health is growing strongly. What people spend on care and beauty products keeps rising.

SCIENCE IS EVOLVING The development of science allows us to create cosmetic treatments that are ever more effective thanks to the principle active ingredients which give visible results of rejuvenation.

PERCEPTION OF CONSUMERS Thanks to new technologies, consumers inform themselves better before making their purchases. The internet offers the possibility to verify in a transparent manner the quality, the composition and the promises of a product in terms of the main active ingredients and results.