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Market Survey

IMMO IQ spent a lot of time getting to know its customers with a market survey

225 individual homeowners

  • Need help with both marketing and legal aspects
  • Willing to pay up to €2,500 on average
  • No or little repeat purchases
  • Large word of mouth impact

90 Notaries

  • Easy to find
  • Manage 5-10 sales per year
  • Already have in-house personnel to carry out all the tasks

20 large project developers

  • Easy to find
  • Already have in-house personnel to carry out all the tasks

15 small project developers

  • Hard to find
  • Easy to convince of IMMO IQ's offering
  • Mainly interested in marketing services

Packages were then customized to the needs of the customers

Belgium and surrounding countries have ample market potential

  • 40 - 60% sell with real estate agent
  • France, Germany, Italy and Spain offer strong growth potential (>400.000 transactions per country per year)
  • Mature markets (e.g. Netherlands and Canada) show market share of 3 - 5% is feasible

There are no dominant digital real estate advisers in Belgium yet

Most important competitors in Belgium

Vente Direct / Direct verkoop

  • First and largest player in Belgium which has sold a couple of hundreds properties in Belgium already
  • Only active in Wallonia, has difficulties entering the Flemish market


  • Largest competitor in Flanders which has sold a few dozen properties
  • Service offering is unclear and only covers digital marketing of real estate properties

Studio Matuvu

  • Mainly focused on building an individual website for each house


  • Only a handful of digibrokers are active in Belgium right now
  • None of the competitors has the "one-stop-shop" offering IMMO IQ has
  • Other players are still small, seem unprofessional or use ineffficient real estate marketing campaigns
  • Number of competitors is clearly increasing
  • Traditional real estate brokers and software developers most important competitors in the long run