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Maxime Verhoeven


Maxime started her career in the Sales & Marketing department of Coca-Cola Enterprises. She then started as a Project Manager and finally became General Manager of Holdifima, an investment holding in which Maxime was responsible for optimising the real estate portfolio and designing growth strategies. Maxime obtained a MSc in Commercial Engineering from the KULeuven, a postgraduate degree in Marketing at the European School of Economics and a certificate in digital marketing from Google.

Alexander Goemans


After obtaining a MSc in Commercial Engineering at the KULeuven and an MSc in Finance at the London School of Economics, Alexander started his career as a strategy consultant at McKinsey, where he specialised in M&A, cost efficiency, and market research. He then jumped ship to the world of private equity and venture capital. Alexander currently is the CFO an investment holding with a significant portion of its assets invested into real estate.