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A European patent allowing to decrease the adverse effects of high-cholesterol foods

The laboratory "Normaphar" developed a food patent at European level based on “specific extract of oyster mushrooms”. The technology added to food, allows to decrease and control cholesterol. This technology is based on a specific extract of oyster mushroom.

The company "Normaphar" has decided to create a spin-off, NFPC (Nutraceutical Food Patent Company), which will be in charge of the production and the marketing of this patented ingredient.


Society is now facing a growing problem of chronic metabolic syndromes arising from an unbalanced industrial diet. This diet rich in transformed animal and vegetable fat highly influences the development of diseases and pathologies such as cholesterol. In Belgium, 83% of people between 35 and 74 years old have too much cholesterol.

The market for a natural and healthy diet should increase from 5 to 10% in years to come. However, the access to a healthy diet is still difficult for many people (more expensive and less easily available). 90% of people eat industrial foods (cheaper and easily available).

Eating habits are very difficult to change and most people prefer to keep eating industrial foods providing them culinary satisfaction.


The company has developed a solution to reconcile eating pleasure and health.

The naturally occurring substance allows to decrease the negative effects of rich foods on our cholesterol.

Improving the negative societal impact is the general trend of our society. The patented ingredient developed by NFPC takes part of this new trend.


Efficiency of oyster mushroom - Protective effect on our system - High content of minerals - Rich in B-complex vitamins - Reduces the risks of cardiovascular diseases - Contains ß-glucans (antioxidant) - Provides dietary fibers, minerals and vitamins - Anti-inflammatory role and antioxidant power


NFPC is convinced that its patents are a unique opportunity for food companies to burnish their "Health" image.

Selling healthy and clean products is the latest trend followed by brands to project the image of a responsible company and survive in an evolving consumer market.

The 3 principal food enemies are Salt, Fat and Sugar.

75% of companies have reduced salt in their products, and 68% have done the same with sugar. They all commit to doing better and take strong and visible initiatives.

Until today, the food industry had no solution to the adverse effects of fat (cholesterol). We allow them to have an answer to this problem.


The patent application consists in adding the patented ingredient to fats (producing cholesterol by nature). This ingredient changes neither the texture nor the taste and smell of the associated product.

The effect of the patented molecule added to these different fats reduces their negative effect. It reduces the cholesterol intake produced by these fats.

Hence, the patented molecule makes the food less harmful.

Example :

The patented ingredient can be added to butter, mayonnaise, chips, ice-cream,... in order to create a "Cholesterol Friendly" product.

Thanks to "Cholesterol friendly” products, the company offers the food industry a perfect communication tool to manage the problem of bad fats (producing cholesterol). The food industry has already done the same with salt and sugar. The strategy consists in giving an additional weapon to the food industry.

The role of the company is to provide the patented raw material to the food industry which will be added in their different preparations.


NFPC has an innovative, patented idea that was proven to be effective in a scientific study on over 500 patients. Everything is in place to activate the marketing phase of the patent.


The fundraising will help develop the marketing of the invention based on the creation of partnerships with the food industry. The income will come from selling the patented substance (invention) to the food industry.