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Making industrial food cholesterol-friendly
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The Global Market of Cholesterol represents more than $40 Billions.

83% of Belgians from 35 to 74 years have a cholesterol level above the recommended level.


All companies active in the food market.

The food and beverage industry is the largest manufacturing industry in Europe. According to FoodDrinkEurope, it represents a turnover of more than €1 trillion (2018). And according to the European Commission, food accounts for approximately 12.2% of a typical household’s spending, ranking third after housing & transport.

In other words, foods and beverages are not luxury items; they are crucial to surviving. That’s why marketers don’t need to convince consumers they need to buy it but they need their products to be above another brand’s. That's the reason why a "cholesterol friendly" product is the perfect marketing tool to ensure competitive advantage for a brand.


What we choose to eat is a decision made by the individuals themselves. Some people are vegetarian, some are total meat lovers. And food brands and restaurants are constantly trying to get more customers, improve their products. But mostly, they try to influence individuals into buying their food over another brand’s. Either way, we need food to live, and companies need to sell it to us to make money. So, here are a few of the most effective campaigns that some of the biggest brands in the food industry have done recently to tempt the consumer into buying their products: Danone made a commitment to reduce the content of sugar of their products, Delhaize conducted a campaign in favor of salt reduction, Colombus produced eggs with significant effects on cholesterol, McDonald's launched a veggie range of products,... The NFPC patented active ingredient can be included in a large range of product.

The company has already taken contact with major actors of the food industry such as Danone, Burger King, Delhaize, Continental Food, Didden.


Compliance tests have already been done for butter and sauce. Two food companies have conducted tests to ensure that the implementation of the production of a “Cholesterol Friendly” product is feasible.

All the tests implemented were successfully achieved. All the criteria related to the structure of the product have been met (no alteration of the product structure, consistency, smell and taste).


A pre-agreement has already been signed with a dairy company which would like to produce a “cholesterol friendly” butter by including our ingredient.