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PlayTreks, the ultimate music discovery platform.
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Playtreks, the artificial intelligence marketing music app for artists, record labels, producers, artist managers and anybody who loves music! - Made in Belgium -

PlayTreks is an artificial intelligence driven marketing music tool which provides full transparency to anybody who is keen to understand about the performance of songs & albums released on a large number of digital streaming platforms. With PlayTreks any artist, artist manager, media company, record label can SAVE big time on managing their music by replacing individual tools with ONE platform, PlayTreks!

PlayTreks focuses on real-time charts, playlists, airplay and social monitoring, serving up this data in a dashboard. Aimed at artist, producers, managers and labels alike, the platform also digs in to the big streaming playlists, to identify when tracks are added to them. “We make the experience very personal: you can customize your preferences, notifications. What is the problem? The music industry is a complicated business nowadays. Transparency is not on the radar of many record labels, and in case you are that artist or producer who wishes to do everything by yourself, you still have the problem of making information visible in a large number of platforms.

So the question remains how you can understand what is happening to your music? It ends up on different platforms, is being added to playlists, is downloaded, maybe played on the radio? How can you make sure the reward is yours? How can you invest your hard worked money in marketing and promotion?

This exactly is why you need ONE tool which provides you all this information, answers to questions like,

Which are the top 10 playlists that are gaining traction (increasing the # of followers) in the last 30 days?
My artist spiked in Spotify streams last night randomly...did they post something crazy on Instagram again?
Which playlists have undiscovered songs, but a large number of followers (so that I can target those playlists)?
What are the musical features (e.g., "positive" feelings, electronic/acoustic sounds) of specific playlists?
What are my projected royalties?
And many more answers for which you normally would have to subscribe to a multitude of tools, which would cost you a fortune.

In short, PlayTreks is a artificial intelligence marketing intelligence platform that provides complete, real-time data, covering every area of an artist's career: from social media and streaming to distributing music to the streaming platforms like Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon Music, you name it. ...

The co founders of PlayTreks are from the music industry and are dealing with the challenges described every single day.

PlayTreks is using official interfaces (api) to the most dominant streaming platforms to index all public playlists and track changes. So when Dua Lipa is added to an official playlist you will see that in PlayTreks. If you are identifying trends, it tracks growth in listeners and followers. This allows you as a stakeholder in the industry to understand whether Progressive house is on the rise again, and potentially release your next song in that genre.

PlayTreks also interfaces with social media platforms like FaceBook and Instagram to understand your audience.

And if you’re looking for common trends, the service also tracks playlist growth.

The power of PlayTreks is the fact that we have all that information in ONE platform, in ONE dashboard. The ability to look at all data, instead of just your own music relevant data, makes PlayTreks even more attractive for anyone concerned with music.

Different monthly subscriptions are available starting from a free plan, an individual artist plan, a pro plan and a record label plan.

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