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Playtreks 1A

Tax Shelter
Equity Belgium
PlayTreks, the ultimate music discovery platform.
Terms & Conditions
Pre money valuation
Equity offered
Amount raised
17 days
Minimum target
72% funded

Anjo De Heus


International Sales & Marketing Executive with a strong entrepreneurial background. A focus on company and revenue growth, solid business professional with a deep understanding of business and how to position products. Throughout his career Anjo has had several international management positions in growth companies, has lived in various countries and has done business throughout the world.

After relocating back to Europe in 2015, from living and working in the USA, he effectively established several new ventures with a high amount of hands on guidance, positioning the companies and products as effectively as possible, in order to reach an audience to make the companies sustainable. A true serial entrepreneur.

Robbert Vroegindeweij


"Entrepreneur turned DJ, DJ turned entrepreneur, DJ and Entrepreneur turns DJ, Entrepreneur and producer, co owner of Massence Records. Robbert always has been split about music and business, having created a wonderful company which has been in business for nearly two decades, Robbert also has a highly credible career being a DJ.

He performed as Rob Styles, and released numerous tracks both with DJ Danjo and as a solo artist. As music was flowing through Robbert's vains as of an early age and still does, it was obvious that one day the music would prevail over anything else Robbert has been doing, and that he would go back to his roots, producing music! With Massence Records, an initiative of Anjo and Robbert, he has a platform where he can let the creative blood flow freely, without any limitations

Cristian Prigoana


One of the smartest AI/machine Learning developers on the planet, according to Playtreks Cristian has been working on autonomous driving systems and is now dedicating his time to give the power in the music industry back to the artists by using artificial intelligence, making PlayTreks the smartest music analytics app in the world.

Sashi Sasikala


A brilliant developer, according to Playtreks, having build PlayTreks from day one. A leader in the field of core development, Sashi has been instrumental in what PlayTreks is today. She is leading the development team.

Anna Rausch


Anna is one of the leading Natural Language experts in the world. Her invaluable knowledge on human machine interaction will help PlayTreks become even more intelligent. Very proud of adding Anna to the team!


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