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The app that makes it easy to gather event memories
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Nearly 1.5 trillion photos have been taken in 2019. Part of them during special events in our life. Events represent great shared moments, though, there is no easy way to let them collect and share their photos and videos taken during these moments. This is where Eventer comes into play.

Eventer is a private social media based on the content flow generated during events, either private events (weddings, birthdays, family gatherings, holidays, …) or professional events (annual party, team building, public events, …).

After a year of development, of beta user feedback and of market trial & error, the company Eventer was incorporated in September 2017.

€220k have been invested in technology development and business validation on the Belgian market. With a small team and limited resources, Eventer is now the leader on the Belgium market. They have developed functions and services that particularly fit their market needs. More than just a way to collect and share photos, Eventer is also a real digital animation with the comments, live show, smart filters, …


Eventer is a private social network based on the content generated during events.


Eventer aims to be the obvious and immediate application for events. Eventer has created a niche market and wants to become the leader of it.

The experience and feedback of the past two years have proven that Eventer is ready to expand its leading position on the international market. The application is the result of extensive experience and development, Eventer knows how to market it and there is currently no real leader in this segment.

Eventer has the ambition to be the reference and the world leader within 4 years. This position will generate significant b2b (premium licence and tailor made) and b2c (advertising) revenues while ensuring significant capitalisation.