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They leverage the synergies between the B2C and B2B


Having a large number of private users have several benefits. On the short term it triggers new B2B sales, on the long run, it creates potential advertising revenues.

User acquisition is cheap because the application is viral by design: users create new users.
The typical user is a woman, aged 25-45, with an intense real-life social activity.

Currently, Eventer has 5 Million content views per month, 15 events created per day, used in 27 countries, 100 new users per day, 80% recurrence, and 20% will create their own Eventer event in the next 6 months after first use.


The B2B market strongly supports the growth of the company. First, it initiates and fuels the B2C market because professional event users often use it in a private context. Secondly, business events enable Eventer to be in close contact with users and the market needs. Corporate will pay the development of new features. Finally, the B2B market generates recurrent revenues.


Although Eventer has only invested in the Belgian market, most of the growth in their user base now comes from abroad.

Eventer's translation into French has yielded 9,500 new users since February 2019. The lack of marketing in this market demonstrates Eventer's inherent viral aspect. The majority of online communication (site, campaigns, chatbot) is also in these three languages. A Spanish version is planned for 2020. English, French, Spanish and Dutch represent a population of one billion people (1st or 2nd language). Eventer's goal is to reach at least 5% of this population, i.e. more than 50 million users.

The following process will help Eventer identify the more reactive markets:

1. B2C communication (reviews, Facebook, Instagram): Europe (Paris, Lyon, Amsterdam, London, Dublin,Madrid, Barcelona), America (New York, Austin, Los Angeles, Quebec), Asia (Hong Kong, New Delhi, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore).
2. Identify the more reactive cities (B2C)
3. Target B2C and B2B communication on those cities
4. Identify the more reactive cities (B2B)
5. Develop the business (tailor made) on those cities


Today 90% of income comes from professional & corporate events, however in the future this share will drop down to 30% with the advertising incomes.

Based on the needs of Eventer's customers, their budgets and the different options, Eventer has developed a segmentation of customers by product proposal :

  • Freemium: Free and In App Purchase, Private Category, Income/user: 50 €/year, very recurrent
  • Private Premium: Package, Private Category, Revenue/client: 115 €, low recurring
  • Corporate Premium: Package, Professional Category, Revenue/client: € 350/year, very recurrent
  • Tailor Made: Tailor-made, Professional Category, Revenue/client: € 1,200/year, low recurring

Eventer is shifting revenues from direct sales only to many channels: partners, online, in app, ads, …

Direct sales
Direct sales is currently the main source of revenues.

Sales through partners are a growing part of our revenues thanks to the notoriety of Eventer and to a tailor made offer more adapted to the partners.

In app-purchase
Host or guest of private Free events can upgrade the event experience with the purchase of additional feature within the App. As of today, two features available: Live Show €69 & Full resolution €9,99.

In order to address international markets, online purchases will be available for Private Premium and Corporate Premium.

Using advertising too early is not a good idea because the revenues aren’t interesting yet and it can slow down the acquisition of new users. However when Eventer will reach a large audience, Eventer will progressively introduce advertising in the Eventer content. In 4 years, advertising should be the main source of revenue.

Advertising inside Eventer has several benefits:

- The advertising, embedded inside the personal content of the user, offers a great visibility.
- Our audience centered around 25-44 years have a highspending power.
- Audience is in a good mood and therefore more receptive.