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"Equipment Care. People at Heart."

Mawzi is helping dental clinics and industry actors to reach their full potential by streamlining business critical operations and processes, fostering collaboration, and building skills and knowledge within a single ecosystem. 

Mawzi elevates dental clinics, their teams and external partners. Mawzi is a collaborative B2B SaaS for dental clinics and third party technicians, removing app chaos and streamlining equipment monitoring and servicing within a mobile application.

Dentist Oriane G. in her practise in Flagey-Brussels, Belgium

Why is it the right time to introduce Mawzi?

Dental Clinics

The birth of a new dental clinic starts with an installation of the dental chair, starting the long-term relationship between the dentist and technician. Compared to a few decades ago, due to market consolidation, clinics have now become a one-stop shop handling a wider range of treatment procedures, from hygiene, aesthetics, orthodontics to surgery and implantology. As opposed to managing a single chair clinic, owners of dental practices have to deal with greater operational complexity at many levels. To ensure successful dental practice, it is crucial to manage patient scheduling, consumables, team coordination, partnerships, and equipment procurement and maintenance effectively. For example, poorly maintained equipment can disrupt dental practices by causing appointment delays or cancellations, revenue loss, customer dissatisfaction, increased workloads, and financial instability.

Adding to that is the generational shift: millennials now represent a growing share of dental clinic owners and decision makers and they want to break free from inefficiencies of the past and integrate new tools to elevate not only their clinic but also the well-being of their team.


The landscape is similar from a distributor perspective. In Belgium, there are about 6500 dental clinics and 40 distributors of dental equipment. These distributors typically have a team of 2-3 technicians, providing after-sales support to approximately 200 to 600 clinic locations on average. This is no small feat, as dental clinics opt to forgo recommended technical servicing on some of their core equipment with the misconception of keeping costs as low as possible. On the other hand, after-sales servicing teams do their best to keep their dental clinic customers happy. But they are stretched thin and stressed by overwhelming workloads and unpredictable last-minute work requests. 

Mawzi is here to address these bottlenecks and give tools for efficient bidirectional communication between clinics and distributors, along with building audience-specific features to aid and elevate both clinic and distributors' daily operations. It is there to change the perspective from "If it is not broken, don't fix it" to "Let's prevent the breakdown and perform consistent maintenance" mindset.

Connecting dentists with their distributors with ease

Getting Traction...

To start with, Mawzi introduces its MVP to dental distributors. Already 14 distributors have signed the Letter of Intention: ABW Dental, Centrale Medico Dentaire, Concept Dental, Denta, Dental Biolux, Dental Promotion & Innovation, DMD Lux, Inter Medic All, IT Express, Maf Dental, Medicotronix, Phenox...

Our trusted partners in Belgium

This already covers 40-45% of the Belgium dental equipment market share and more than 2750 clinics, comprising over 40% of the market.

User Research

After running workshops with 10 different distributors, Mawzi took a personalized approach to its research by directly conversing with several technicians, focusing on understanding the unique challenges and requirements these technicians face in their day-to-day work. This helped to develop the first prototype of app workflow to include the features necessary to technicians' daily service work.

To identify top challenges and frustrations dentists experience in their practice, Mawzi conducted market research in scope of Societe Medecin Dentaire Congress 2023, the largest biannual event for French speaking dentists in Belgium. The event took place on October 12-14, involving 850 dentists. The answers gathered from 85 dentists and 10 assistants revealed the equipment maintenance to be one of top 3 most pressing pain points, shaping the MVP and drawing a 2-year roadmap for Mawzi's prime features aimed at helping clinics and their teams. 
Live user engagement at Societe Medecine Dentaire Congres 2023

Benefits for Dental Clinics

1. Effortless equipment follow up
Through regular maintenance alerts and suggestions, Mawzi's unified dashboard ensures that clinics stay compliant with industry standards and best practices.

2. Reduced operational disruption
Mawzi philosophy revolves around well-maintained equipment care and management, reducing equipment downtime to avoid problems such as appointment cancellations.

3. Increased ROI
Thanks to more accurate diagnostics and preventative measures, Mawzi helps to reduce annual costs of maintenance and unexpected breakdowns, increasing the lifespan of dental equipment.

4. Improved After Sales Experience
Mawzi offers a single collaborative tool to eliminate app chaos and inefficient workflows. It ensures clinics and their usual distributors stay connected and well-aligned, building on mutual shared trust.

Benefits for Distributors

1. Centralized Operations Hub
From receiving the repair demand to event scheduling to service delivery and report, Mawzi is technician's assistant to get one big-picture overview of their clients and their equipment status.

2. Regulatory Compliance
Efficient reporting and track record of past repair events safeguards both distributors and dentists to stay in line with industry regulations and insurance disputes.

What Makes Mawzi Team Special?

Mawzi combines deep dental expertise with innovative tech insights, from Zoran, that developed the Uber of trucks in Africa, to Martin, the youngest board member of ADDE, representing Europe's dental distributors gathering 1000 members.
For Mawzi, this isn't just business — it's passion.

Biggest Challenges Mawzi will Face

1. Risk: Resistance to new tools by decision makers, who are primarily boomers.
Consequence: Slower adoption and reduced market penetration.
Mitigation: Implement educational campaigns and offer free trials to younger trusted team members.

2. Risk: Challenges in integration with existing systems
Consequence: Operational disruptions and resistance to usage.
Mitigation: Provide dedicated integration support and develop compatibility features.

Past and upcoming expo presence

Mawzi is where dentists are. Here is just a few international presence Mawzi team had/will have:

📍Brussels, Belgium
📆12-14 October, 2023
Event hosted by the biggest association of French speaking dentists in Belgium.

📍Paris, France
📆28 November - 2 December, 2023
The Annual Dental Meeting of the French Dental Association

📍Barcelona, Spain
📆26-29 Feb, 2024
 The fastest growing digital startup event in the world

📍Amsterdam, Netherlands
📆14-16 March, 2024
The largest independent event within the dental industry in the Netherlands

📍Brussels, Belgium
📆3-5 October, 2024
Main biannual dental event in Belgium

Why we are looking for funds and how we are going to use them?

Mawzi aims to raise €350.000 in the pre-seed round to develop its MVP and Prime features. Here is the breakdown of estimated fund allocation:

- Product Development and Market Fit - 15%
- Hiring Talent and Team Salary - 50%
- Branding and Marketing - 10%
- Operational Overheads - 20%
- Contingency Fund - 5%