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Martin Ravets


The youngest board member of ADDE, the Association of Dental Dealers in Europe, and President of UnifoDent, Belgium's Dental Industry Association. Martin has a deep understanding of dental landscape thanks to 76-year-old family dental distribution business - Centrale Medico Dentaire. He brings his 15-year entrepreneurial experience in innovation and dentistry to build Mawzi mission.

John Michael Wenders


With over 25 years of sales experience in the dental industry, John brings his unique network and knowledge into the project. Having one on one relationship with all 125 dental distributors in Benelux region makes him a valuable member of the team. John builds the connections with distributors and clinics for Mawzi, collecting and delivering insights crucial for user research and testing.

Zoran Juric


Zoran is a web and mobile developer with over 20 years of experience. His rich experience, strong work ethic, and proven track record of previous successful mobile applications makes him a crucial asset for Mawzi in building and delivering high-quality product. As Head of Tech, Zoran maps out and executes the code development and supervises junior developers and their work.

Axel Olson


A product designer and manager with a flair for creating solutions that resonate with customers and business goals alike. With an economics degree from Tufts University and specialized training in product strategy and UX/UI design, Axel brings a strong background in research, business and systems thinking to his work. His multifaceted career has covered consulting, fintech, and the food and beverage industry, showcasing versatility across various functions, from analysis to operations.

Leyla Ibrahimli


Electromechanical Engineer by background, Leyla oversees the executive goals, priorities, internal and external operational tasks, and creates strategic campaigns. Her experience in organizing and participating in more than 5 international dental expos uniquely bridges technical expertise and effective communication, fostering seamless stakeholder connections for Mawzi's success.