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Spreds | Rapport d'activité 2018 (FR)

Spreds, 26/06/2019

Découvrez nos rapport d'activité annuel

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De Tijd
Vlaamse uitvinding helpt Maleisische dorpen aan stroom

De Tijd, 26/06/2019

De Hasseltse start-up Turbulent bouwt kleine waterkrachtcentrales aan riviertjes in Maleisië. Die zullen honderden gezinnen in afgelegen gebieden v...

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Spreds | 2018 Activiteitenverslag (NL)

Spreds, 26/06/2019

Ontdek onze activity report

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Cruso: l'entreprise de meubles belge a acquis plus de 250.000 euros d'investissement

RTBF, 29/05/2019

La jeune entreprise de mobilier design belge « Cruso » vient d'acquérir plus de 250.000 euros de capitaux. Des capitaux qu'elle a acquis via d'un c...

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Jungle Bells a déjà identifié deux scale-ups candidates pré-IPO

L'Echo, 17/05/2019

Les deux premières soirées de pitches organisées par Spreds et Euronext ont réuni plus de 200 investisseurs autour de 10 start-ups et 2 scale-ups.

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De Standaard

De Standaard, 03/05/2019

De standaard

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About Spreds

Spreds is an investment platform offering everyone, regardless of the size of their assets, an easy way to invest in businesses that improve their surrounding world. Spreds strives to help them mitigate their investment risks through transparency, education and diversification. Spreds loves entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurial ecosystem and allows inspiring businesses to raise funds in a convenient, flexible and cost-efficient way and in a safe environment.

Spreds offers alternative products to banks and wealth managers, to stock exchange products and funds which are often seen as disconnected from the entrepreneurial economy. Spreds is established in the heart of Brussels with a dynamic and passionate team and is the Belgian leader and one of the European leading investment platforms for start-ups and scale-ups.

History & Milestones


December: Closing of our first Jungle Bells season with an award ceremony at Euronext’s famous “Bell Ceremony”. In total, more than 600 guests were present to listen to the pitches of 25 different start-ups.

September: Launch of the “Neutraceutical Food Patent Company” campaign which eventually raised €244,100 via the platform, representing the largest amount raised in equity via the platform in 2019.

February: Our name change and rebranding to Spreds celebrates its first anniversary (formerly known as MyMicroInvest).

January: Official launch of the “Jungle Bells” series of events (in partnership with Euronext Brussels, SFPI, Co.Station, B-Hive, ONEtoONE Corporate Finance, PwC Legal).


December: One of the quickest campaigns to date: EDP Renewables raises €100,000 in less than 6 hours to finance a wind park in Belgium.

November: Record breaking month: 17 campaign launches.

October: Third successful exit! The investors of Jumpsquare make a 35% return on their investment. Launch of our biggest lending campaign yet in collaboration with ENGIE Electrabel: €1,270,000 raised in two months.

June: Record breaking campaign: Turbulent raises €200,000 in less than 36 hours.

May: Second successful exit on the platform. investors make a 36% return on their investment.

February: Following a long and fruitful collaboration of more than six years, MyMicroInvest and Inventures have decided to continue their separate ways. MyMicroInvest becomes Spreds.


September: Launch of our own diversification service "Tracer" including two Tax Shelter Tracers (2017 & 2018) and the Impact VC Tracer.
Our platform’s first record breaking exit took place. Twenty months after taking part in Yoga Room’s fundraising; investors accepted a buyback offer of their shares in the startup, granting them an interesting return of twice the initial amount invested in Yoga Room.

June: Launch of our first Tracer with Startup Factory.

April: MyMicroInvest is officially the first crowdfunding platform to receive accreditation from the Financial Services and Markets Authority, enabling the MyMicroInvest crowd to reduce their taxes by investing in eligible start-ups.

March: Launch of our monthly event "Online-Offline" that allows our investors and entrepreneurs to meet and share ideas.

February: Implementation of the long-awaited new legislation for crowdfunding platforms: the Startup Tax Shelter. MyMicroInvest is the first platform to offer investors Tax Shelter opportunities thanks to the Europea Residences campaign.

2017 Results (cumulative): 11,883 transactions - 40,517 active members - €47,3 million raised


December: MyMicroInvest launches Inventures II, the world’s first venture-capital fund empowering smart, sustainable, and scalable SMEs.

November: MyMicroInvest hosts the Magic 5 event in Gent, with special guest Alexander De Croo, in order to celebrate its 5 years of existence, and raises almost €10,000,000 in one night thanks to crowdfunding.

September: MyMicroInvest launches its first European roadshow, across 29 countries in Europe: an opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors to connect and plan the future of entrepreneurship and crowdfunding in Europe.

June: MyMicroInvest hosts a live crowdfunding event which turns out to be a huge success, with more than 300 investors in the room. MyMicroInvest also holds a call for project with Partena giving centre stage to big entrepreneurs with even bigger projects.

January: MyMicroInvest hosts its own live crowdfunding and raises €1,750,000 from the crowd in one hour. MyMicroInvest creates its own online profile just like any other start-up, proving the true added value of its methodology.

2016 Results (cumulative): 8,908 transactions - 35,953 active members - €32,8 million raised


December: MyMicroInvest is selected as one of the ‘Leading Global Fintech Innovators 2015’ by KPMG and H2 Ventures.

October: MyMicroInvest is finalist at the ‘Entreprise Prometteuse de l’Année’ award ceremony.

July: MyMicroInvest closes a 3 million euros funding round to finance its international development.

June: In 18 minutes, €100,000 is raised through crowdfunding for the project Acar’up.

March: MyMicroInvest moves to the heart of Europe - Brussels!

2015 Results (cumulative): 7,040 transactions - 31,000 active members - €15 million raised


December: Two year Partnerships with both BNP Paribas Fortis and Keytrade Bank are signed. Also, the first radio spot hits the airwaves.

July: Offering an interest rate of 10% per year, the first crowdlending operation on MyMicroInvest was launched and successfully funded.

March: MyMicroInvest hosts its first live crowdfunding session, an event where visitors can invest while meeting the entrepreneurs who pitch their project to them.

2014 Results (cumulative): 3,520 transactions – 21,339 active members – €8.6 million raised


November: On MyMicroInvest, the largest equity crowdfunding transaction in Europe takes place: €1.3 million raised thanks to 1,487 crowd investors and co-investors in Newsmonkey.

July: With YouScribe, a Paris-based company, MyMicroInvest executes its first cross-border transaction.

February: MyMicroInvest wins the Accenture Innovation Award in the category Financial Services and rings the bell at NYSE Euronext.

2013 Results (cumulative): 1,910 transactions – 11,847 active members – €5 million raised


October: MyMicroInvest’s first online campaign, 2houses, raises €687,000.

September: MyMicroInvest receives the approval from the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) for the prospectus of its first crowdfunding campaign.

2012 Results (cumulative): 154 transactions – 2,725 active members – €700,000 raised


July: MyMicroInvest is founded.