Lower your taxes by investing in startups and scaleups

Learn everything about the Tax Shelter for startups and scaleups, the tax incentives to encourage Belgian entrepreneurship.

What is the Tax Shelter?

Belgian startups and scaleups are the backbone of our economy but find it difficult to attract capital to finance their growth. Meanwhile, there is more than €257 Billion “sleeping” in savings accounts. These funds could be used to invest in companies.

The Belgian Tax Shelter for startups and scaleups helps:


With tax incentives to activate their sleeping savings and reward for the risk


Who find it difficult to attract capital, and now have a tool to attract new funding

25%, 30% or 45%

Of your investment can be given back to you through a reduction on your personal income taxes

How can I benefit?

Invest in startups eligible for the Tax Shelter through our platform and receive a tax reduction of 25%, 30% or 45% of your investment. Tax Shelter investment opportunities are indicated with this logo.

Spreds assists you with the administration of your Tax Shelter investments:

Spreds will provide investors with a tax attestation. To download your tax attestation, you can log into your online profile. The process of confirming your tax reduction in your tax declaration must be repeated every year for four years. Similarly, the startups must continue to follow the conditions of the Tax Shelter, which is also specified in their agreement with Spreds.

The application for a tax reduction must be made during the tax year relating to the taxable period during which the capital increase in the startup took place. Please note the day of the capital increase is not necessarily the day you officially invested during the crowdfunding campaign, but rather when the investment through Spreds Finance is confirmed at the notary.

Discover investment opportunities



  • Get a 45% tax reduction on your investment in a startup
  • Get a 30% tax reduction on your investment in an SME
  • Get a 25% tax reduction on your investment in an scaleup
  • For Belgian income taxpayers
  • Up to €100,000 for an individual investor
  • Hold your investment for 4 years


  1. Startup

    • Registered in Belgium
    • < €500,000 through Tax Shelter
    • < 4 years old
    • < 10 employees
    • Balance sheet < €350,000
    • Turnover < €700,000
    • 45% reduction on each investment
  2. SME

    • Registered in Belgium
    • < €500,000 through Tax Shelter
    • < 4 years old
    • < 100 employees
    • Balance sheet < €3,650,000
    • Turnover < €7,300,000
    • 30% reduction on each investment
  3. Scaleup

    • Registered in Belgium
    • < €1,000,000 through Tax Shelter
    • Between 4 and 10 years old
    • < 50 employees
    • Balance sheet < €4,500,000
    • Turnover < €9,000,000
    • 25% reduction on each investment

Visit our FAQ for more information.

Remember the risks!

Everyone at Spreds wants to be sure that our investors understand the risks involved when investing on our platform. We strive to include a balance of both risk and reward concepts in all of our messages and conversations about investment opportunities.

Our investments include a warning like this one: “Investing carries serious risks, including partial or total loss of capital. Please read the Information Note and the Risk Factors before investing.”

The availability of any tax relief, including the tax shelter program, depends on the individual circumstances of each investor, and of the company conducting a crowdfunding campaign, and is not guaranteed. If you want to be sure if you are eligible for the Tax Shelter please obtain independent tax advice before proceeding with your investment.

Investing in startups is risky. We encourage you to read more about it.