Tax Shelter Tracer

Lower your taxes for 2020.

Who is Spreds?

Spreds is the Belgian leader and one of the European leading investment platforms for start-ups and scale-ups. Spreds is an investment platform offering everyone, regardless the size of their assets, an easy way to invest in businesses that improve their surrounding world.

What is the Tax Shelter Tracer?

By subscribing to this Tracer today, you automatically book your seat in 10 Tax Shelter eligible investments and lower your 2020 taxes.

Subscribe to the Tax Shelter Tracer today

Privileged access to Tax Shelter start-ups

Book your seat to invest in the next 10 Tax Shelter eligible start-ups.

Hassle-free taxes

Receive all the necessary documentation for your tax declaration.

45% tax reduction

Get 45% of your investment back through tax reduction.

Jungle Bells

Access start-ups who have had the chance of presenting at our Jungle Bells events and get to attend the events for free.


The start-ups that will be offered to you for investment will either be part of an incubator, accelerator or studio with a fixed valuation or followed by a co-investors with a market valuation.

Specific conditions

These start-ups will have to answer to specific selection criteria.

Who can subscribe and how does it work?

Strictly reserved for Belgian tax payers

This Tracer selects businesses that are eligible for the Belgian Tax Shelter for start-ups. As an investor making use of this Tracer, you must fit the criteria to make use of the Tax Shelter.

First come = First served

We can only allow a limited amount of subscribers in this Tracer. To give everyone an equal chance, the first people who subscribe to this Tracer will have priority access to the deals.

Minimum projected investment of €10,000

If you decide to invest in the investment opportunities you accessed via Tracer, you will be able to invest from €10,000 and up to €200,000 in 10 eligible businesses and receive a tax reduction of 45% of your investment.

Possible return on investment

According to recent studies on European start-ups, an average of 40% of young companies go bankrupt after 3 years while 30% make an interesting exit after 5 years (×5 the investors’ initial investment). The remaining 30% are still operational but investors do not gain any profit (×1 the investors’ initial investment).

Based on this data, here is a theoretical scenario of your return on investment if you decide to invest in our Tax Shelter Tracer (our calculations include your Tax Shelter Benefit as well as the set-up of the Tracer and subscription fees for each investment).

Investment Amount Exit type Year Multiple
#1 €1,000 Bankrupt 3 0.0×
#2 €1,000 Bankrupt 3 0.0×
#3 €1,000 Bankrupt 3 0.0×
#4 €1,000 Bankrupt 3 0.0×
#5 €1,000 Average 6 1.0×
#6 €1,000 Average 6 1.0×
#7 €1,000 Average 6 1.0×
#8 €1,000 Success 5 5.0×
#9 €1,000 Success 5 5.0×
#10 €1,000 Success 5 5.0×

Return on Investment: €11,455

More about Tracers

A convenient way to invest

By subscribing to a Tracer, you get the opportunity to invest in the next 10 companies matching the criteria of that Tracer.

Privileged access

Through our Tracers, we are booking you a seat in each investment opportunity offered.

Full control

You maintain full control over your investments thanks to an opt-out option (for each investment) and 24/7 access to your online portfolio.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the Tax Shelter Tracer?

    By subscribing to this Tax Shelter Tracer 2020 today, you get the opportunity to book your seat in the next 10 Tax Shelter eligible investments and lower your 2020 taxes.

  2. How much does this service cost?

    A limited and non-refundable set-up fee is requested for subscribing to a Tracer (€100). This fee covers the service and the access to exclusive investment opportunities.

    For each investment in a start-up, a subscription fee (4%) will be applied to cover the management of your investment.

  3. What is Tax Shelter?

    The tax shelter for startups is a new incentive to encourage entrepreneurship. By investing in eligible startups, get back 30% or 45% of your investment through tax reduction.

    For more information, see our dedicated ebook on the subject.

  4. How does the Tax Shelter timing work?

    If you subscribe today to the Tax Shelter Tracer 2019, you will benefit from this fiscal advantage (and get back 45% of your investment through tax reduction) on your 2019 fiscal year because the purpose of this Tracer is to invest in ten start-ups that are Tax Shelter eligible during the year 2019.

    So when filling in your tax report in 2020 (based on your 2019 revenues), you will be able to enjoy tax reduction thanks to your Tracer.

    Please note that the decisive moment is not the moment you subscribe to the Tracer nor the moment when the money is withdrawn from your account but it is the moment when the money has been invested in the start-up, when the notary finalises the capital increase. In any case, Spreds ensures that the 10 key dates (10 notary closings) take place during the 2019 fiscal year.

  5. What’s the difference between the Tax Shelter Tracer and the other Tracers?

    Each Tracer has its own set of characteristics.

    This Tracer enables investors to create of a portfolio of investments in 10 Tax Shelter eligible startups eligible meeting certain criteria.

    To be eligible for Tax Shelter, a startup must have been established in the last 4 years (48 months). The companies present in the Tax Shelter Tracer will therefore probably only be companies in the “startup phase”. On the one hand, the risk of bankruptcy is therefore greater, but on the other hand, there also is a possibility of strong growth in the event of a positive market return.

    The startups selected for the Tax Shelter Tracer will all have to meet a set of specific characteristics in order to ensure that they meet the criteria of the Tracer.

  6. How will the startups included in the Tax Shelter Tracer be selected?

    The companies within Tax Shelter Tracer must fulfill the following conditions:


    • Location: the company must be Belgium-based
    • Legal: SRL/BV or NV/SA
    • Tax Shelter: at least €100,000 eligible for the Tax Shelter
    • Project Validation
      • Min. 2 Co-founders having invested min. €25,000 in the company
      • Incubated, followed by an Accelerator or supported by a Studio or have €50,000 in co-investment
      • Having a POC and an MVP
      • At least one signed client

    Applied on Spreds

    • Registration on the Spreds website
    • Financials:
      • answer all questions (about 30 minutes)
      • provide full financials for current year + 2 upcoming years
        • cash flow statement that includes the capital increase
        • profit & loss statements
        • if another round is needed in the coming 3 years
        • financial plan shows enough cash to survive 6 months without revenue

    Contract Signing

    • Sign Service Agreement and the Reps & Warranties


    • Valuation: the Tracer follows the valuation set by the company as long as at least ONE professional investor invested at least 50 000 EUR. The professional investor needs to provide us with his background (I) and the calculation method used to compute the valuation (II).
    • Default Valuation: if the conditions of the valuation are not completed, then the default valuation is:
      • maximum €1,000,000 if the turnover is below €100,000 or maximum 10 times the turnover if the turnover is more than €100,000 (pre-money valuation)
      • maximum €666,667 (post-money valuation) if the company is incubated (15% of the shares for €100,000)
    • Administrators: at least one administrator to act in the name of Spreds Finance being either the professional Co-investor listed above or an independent Director


    • Code of Ethics: respect our Code of Ethics


    • Online profile
    • Review and sign the Term Sheet
    • Sign off the Information note or the Prospectus
    • Private and/or public campaign
  7. How can I reduce my taxes?

    By investing via Spreds in crowdfunding campaigns eligible for Tax Shelter, you can benefit from a tax reduction of up to €45,000 each year!

    For more information, see our dedicated ebook on the subject.

More questions? Visit our complete FAQ.

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