Yoga Room, a #FundedFamily success story

— 2 minutes read

In 2015, and after eight years of developing his craft as a yogi in Shanghai, Pierre Rousseaux, founder of Yoga Room Shanghai, had the brilliant idea to develop his business in Belgium and bring his positive lifestyle to its capital, in need of this inspiring of change. After coming back to Brussels, Pierre decided to take a leap of faith and try out crowdfunding by partnering up with MyMicroInvest. 

And it didn’t take long for Yoga Room’s campaign to reach its objectives. By hitting 200% of its financing goal, this company clearly tapped into the needs of many Belgians. Thanks to 80 crowd members who invested €99.900 and professional co-investors who also supported the project by contributing €120.000, the campaign was a real success!

One year later, we decided to catch up with Yoga Room’s founder, to find out what he had been up to...
After opening his first 500 m2 studio in the center of Brussels (St-Gilles), Pierre quickly expanded it by adding 300m2 worth of space, making it the biggest Yoga studio in Europe! And as of last week, Yoga Room opened its second studio in the South of Brussels (Uccle). A third studio is currently in the works and will probably open in 2018. As for his long term plans, Yoga Room would like to open eight studios in the next three years and twenty in the next five, all on the Belgian territory.

When asked what he loved the most about crowdfunding, Pierre told us: “definitely the helping hand of MyMicroInvest. This type of funding enabled me to act faster. Thanks to their help and their deadlines, I had the chance to make six months worth of progress in just a month!_”. A second benefit of crowdfunding was the exposure of his business to a large amount of people, pre-testing its appeal to the public. Finally, for Yoga Room’s founder, it’s a simple and efficient way to collect money as opposed to classic bank loans.

Even though the experience was positive, Yoga Room’s founder has a few words for entrepreneurs who are considering joining the MyMicroInvest experience: “if you have the passion, if you work hard, the money will come to you. But if you’re in it just to make quick and easy cash, think again. Passion is necessary if you want to develop a flourishing business”.