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Second Round Financing

— Other | Investment tips — 4 minutes read

[meeting-spread.jpg] This week we sat down with Eline Murat, our Legal Officer to take a look at “second round financing” and what it actually entails for investors and entrepreneurs. Some of you might wonder why we decided to focus our attention this week on the second and not the first round... read more

A slower economy is an opportunity, not a challenge

— Investment tips | Other — 2 minutes read

[office-spread.jpg] Over the last ten years the economy in Europe has fluctuated, with varying unemployment, low interest rates and changing growth figures. So, does crowdfunding work in times of economic stagnation or regression? That’s a question we believe we can answer: yes!  In fact, crowdfunding is imperative to support businesses in times where loans are less available... read more

The gender gap in the entrepreneurial and investing world

— Investment tips — 5 minutes read

[spread.jpg] To celebrate international women's day (March 8th), we decided to take a look at the gender gap in the entrepreneurial and investment world. In Belgium and more generally in Europe, investing and entrepreneurship are still mostly masculine activities... read more

3 good reasons to invest through Tax Shelter

— Investment tips — 4 minutes read

The Tax Shelter for start-ups law was put into place in February 2017 in order to stimulate crowdfunding investments in start-ups, SMEs or micro-businesses. Since then, our platform has allowed its investors (Belgian tax payers) to benefit from Tax Shelter when investing at least €100 per eligible start-up... read more

2018: a change in investor behaviour?

— Investment tips — 4 minutes read

In July 2017, the Belgian government announced a series of important reforms including the establishment of a tax on securities accounts of more than €500,000 which should take effect in 2018. Following this announcement, many are already wondering how i twill affect investor behaviour... read more

5 Risks you will face as an Equity Crowdfunding Investor

— Investment tips — 2 minutes read

Equity Crowdfunding is a risky business. Nonetheless, the scope of risk associated with investing in a young company is difficult to quantify. Even the veteran investors go wrong with their calculations and judgments. But isn’t the investment business all about taking chances? Equity Crowdfunding has brought in umpteen opportunities to investors to make their fortunes and grow richer... read more

Let’s talk about risk

— Investment tips — 2 minutes read

Investing in start-ups and scale-ups is considered risky compared to other asset classes like publicly traded stocks or bonds. However, there is always a way to reduce your risk by simply building a diversified portfolio, and we’ll explain why... read more

Five factors to consider before investing in a start-up

— Investment tips — 3 minutes read

While at MyMicroInvest, we don't give advice on which specific start-ups to invest in, there are a few guidelines that can be taken into consideration to evaluate a company before deciding to invest in it. There are five factors that you should focus on before making an investment: 1. A product or service offered should be the solution to a specific problem or need the market is having... read more