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Les logements insolites : un marché fructueux en Belgique

— Startup successes — 6 minutes read

Avec un développement perpétuel depuis 10 ans, le marché niche des logements insolites se développe rapidement. Plus encore, la crise sanitaire a accentué ce phénomène qui monte en puissance depuis plusieurs années, incitant le marché à se structurer. Tiny Houses, bulles et incontournables cabanes dans les arbres : l’hébergement insolite compte toujours plus d’adeptes... read more

Billy | Fundraising Testimonials

— Startup successes — 3 minutes read

We took some time with Pierre de Schaetzen, CEO and co-founder of the company Billy, to look back on his fundraising with Spreds which helped him raise €223,100. What was your fundraising experience with Spreds? The experience with Spreds was very very good. You have a multidisciplinary team that was able to support us on different aspects. That's very important when you start a fundraising... read more

How to steer in times of crisis?

— Startup successes | Other — 5 minutes read

A message from Gilles van der Meerschen, co-founder & Chief Business Officer of Spreds. Within my activities I see about 80 project leaders per month, with solutions that are both very valuable and (sometimes) far-fetched. They all have the merit to try, to risk, to expose themselves, to innovate and to be passionate... read more

CRUSO | Fundraising Testimonials

— Startup successes | Updates — 3 minutes read

What is CRUSO? Cruso is a Belgian brand with the ambition to represent Belgian furniture design with a high level of quality. The materials used are mostly natural and of selected local origin : 100% made in EU. Thereby improving the durability, long term value and circular value of all our products... read more

Spreds | Corporate Venturing

— Startup successes | Other — 1 minute read

Spreds is offering you the opportunity to easily navigate the Corporate Venturing world by entering its unique programme and accessing interesting young companies... read more