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Professionals | The ABC’s of investors’ management

— Other — 3 minutes read

Providing guidance and advice to the believers and dreamers. That is what the core of our job consists of. However, the practical (legal and administrative) execution of a successful fundraising or structuring of investors is sometimes very cumbersome, especially if you have to deal with over 10 investors... read more

For investors | The ABC’s of investors’ management

— Other — 5 minutes read

“Tell me what I have to do to have you finance me.” A sentence uttered in the 1970s in California by a bearded, funnily dressed, young and naïve college drop out. The man in question was looking for the first investment in his project. Together with his partner, he planned on revolutionizing the market of personal computers... read more

Project Owners | The ABC’s of investors’ management

— Other — 5 minutes read

As a manager, your main goal is to grow your company. In doing so, you will probably need to attract the necessary funding. Raising funds often implies ending with many investors (private investors, crowd, business angels) on board. This is also a constraint for companies willing to offer their employees the opportunity to invest their own money to increase their loyalty... read more