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COVID-19 and general meetings

— Other — 7 minutes read

We have noticed that in many companies (very) little attention is paid to (annual) general meetings. Sometimes the members of the governing body consider these meetings as a waste of time, with a lot of formalities, without any added value. As a result, statutory or legal rules and deadlines are often not respected... read more

Spreading solidarity in times of crisis

— Updates | Other — 5 minutes read

"There will likely be more SME bankruptcies than physical deaths." - Trends-Tendances. Dear members, As you already know, our main mission has always been to boost the Belgian economy and its job creation by supporting young entrepreneurs... read more

New company law | Part 5: Abolishment of the concept of share capital

— Updates | Other — 3 minutes read

The recent revision of the Code of companies and associations (“CCA”) is characterized by fundamental changes in the regime of the private limited liability company (the former SPRL/BVBA) and in particular the abolishment of the concept of share capital for that type of company. The former SPRL/BVBA had to have a minimum share capital of EUR 18... read more

New Company code | Part 4 : Governance and seat theory

— Updates | Other — 5 minutes read

This article aims to highlight the major changes made by the new Code of Companies and Associations with regards to the governance of companies. As a reminder, the rules regarding the incorporation of a company have been modified. In fact, the obligation of a certain base capital for the creation of an SPRL/BVBA is no longer necessary for the SRL/BV (same change applies for the SC/CV)... read more