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Welcome and thank you for your interest in HIFILORD!

HIFILORD is a company that offers immersive audio products for your home or commercial space. As a high-end audio concept store HIFILORD uses a 'less-is-more approach' with focus on sound quality, design and ease of use with an exclusive range of high-end products and professional solutions.

The vision: a high-end audio concept store that brings sound quality back to attention of music lovers. This without losing sight of design and ease of use and with a high-quality range of high-end products and professional solutions.

HIFILORD offers the best of...

Two worlds... HIFILORD positions itself between a classic hi-fi retailer and a mainstream electronics store, offering the best of both worlds. The expertise of a specialty store and the flexibility of an electronics store. With a 'less-is-more' approach, HIFILORD works with a select number of brands. This is to keep the quality level high, but also to guarantee a flexible web-store, including short delivery times and low storage costs.

"The company HIFILORD focuses on music lovers, who are primarily interested in the best music experience and less interested in the technical aspect of high-end audio." - Founder and Managing Director: Tim Van Vynckt.

The mission: HIFILORD is creating a community for music lovers so not only your equipment is digitally connected, but you are also with us. We offer components and complete solutions where HIFILORD believes they provide excellent value and music quality. It is a pleasure to guide you to an astonishing musical experience in your very own place you call home.

How will HIFILORD achieve this?

First of all it's important to know HIFILORD shall have 3 'touchpoints' for it's customers.

  1. One of the best audio web-store's in the BENELUX.
  2. Unique showroom with next level sound experience, on a premium location.
  3. Partnerships with design studios that design complete high-end interiors. This can be either for B2B; retail, bar, showroom or B2C;  penthouse, appartment or house.

This means all touchpoints for the customer either provide all the information or the experience to convince the customer high-end audio is not only fun and relaxing, it's a statement with an unique experience, so you can exude an unique luxury design and splendid sound performance.

The soundbar HIFILORD sells is nominated as the best soundbar in 2023.

The history:

  • 2020: The first steps of HIFILORD have been made in 2020. While the team has worked for two straight years behind the scenes to define the market approach, it analysed every aspect of the High Fidelity market. What started as a small passion project is now evolving into a new concept in audio-land.

  • 2022: The brand name 'HIFILORD' was officialy born. A next generation audio concept goes live on and is ready to enter the market. HIFILORD's main goal: adapt to the modern and mainstream consumer and bring focus to a broader public as a concept store with functional web-store.

  • 2023: HIFILORD keeps growing, while the team behind HIFILORD is putting in all the work to launch the audio concept showroom, HIFILORD is active as a project based company as well. In the meanwhile HIFILORD is actively looking for investors to ensure further expansion. New brands have been added to the portfolio to ensure the offer.

  • 2024: HIFILORD is aiming to open it's first phyical store in Antwerp while closing it's first equity-funding-round. HIFILORD aims to be the first Audio Concept Store in Belgium. The company has the ambition to become the 'coolest' audio store in Belgium.

Future plans 

Transform the store where an unique customer experience is possible!

Okay and after that? 

  1. Open the web-store with reach within the BENELUX.
  2. Attract more B2B integration projects.
  3. Plan events in the store linked to audio; gaming, live music, live sports on screen, podcast.

HIFILORD's location in Antwerp, which will be transformed to an unique showroom.

Partnership with Devialet

The main supplier of HIFILORD is the French Devialet. A relatively new, but successful manufacturer of next generation speakers, positioned as a lifestyle-luxury-tech product from Paris. Devialet believes in HIFILORD's approach and with this exclusive partnership, HIFILORD will create an unique shopping experience for the end-consumer in close collaboration with Devialet.

Devialet's flagship store in Paris, where HIFILORD found it's inspiration.

Devialet is a new but respected player in the audio market, founded in 2007 in Paris. The products are sold in 70 countries, with 65% of the total turnover consisting of foreign sales. HIFILORD will be the first store in Belgium to offer this unique brand on this scale, in a physical store with a real "Devialet Universe" as shown in the photo above, this in combination with a high-end web store under its own trade name, where digital orientation is of paramount importance.

What's so special about Devialet?

Put simple: By combining a series of radical patented technologies, Devialet Phantom consistently shatters expectations, at every step of the sound reproduction chain.

"Over 10 years of research and development, 200+ patents filed, and 100 specialists in aerodynamics, automotive, acoustics, and mechanical engineering. That's all it took to perfect a system capable of pushing the limits of physics, and deliver standard-setting performance. Zero distortion, zero saturation, zero background noise." - Devialet 


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Prior fundraising in equity or convertible loan with 10 or more investors
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Committed by others €0
Amount raised €48,000
Minimum round €25,000
Maximum round €125,000
Shares in the company (total round) 29.412%
Pre-money valuation €300,000
Post-money valuation min. €325,000
Post-money valuation max. €425,000