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Half of the CO2 emissions across the entire value chain of the beer industry are generated by packaging and logistics.

We could reduce this contribution by decentralizing the production: we would no longer exchange bottles across the world but recipes that would be brewed locally. To succeed, we need to enable a small scale production and encourage recipe sharing. Our concept is built on the collaboration of 4 key pillars:

Pillar 1 - Connected mini (street-scale) breweries
Our fully operational prototype will evolve towards a a safe and friendly brewery.
This prototype is the result of 2 years work of 2 engineers (one of whom became CEO of Streetbrewers) with 20 years experience in industrial processes (design, implementation, automation, control, startup and 4.0 integration in the pharma and water treatment areas).
The prototype integrates the innovative aspects listed below. It is located at Smart Gastronomy Lab, Gembloux and can be visited every last Friday of the month.

Pillar 2 - Cloud infrastructure
This will be the continuation of the work of Anabel Energy (main shareholder) carried out since 2019 with the Walloon Region and transferred to Streetbrewers. This contribution consists of the development of site-cloud connectors and a cloud platform for the control of multi-site industrial processes. This cloud platform manages components such as databases, dashboards, alerts and notifications, cloud controllers, applications (control, visualization, geolocation, etc.) enabling the human/cloud interface on various media (mobile phone, tablet, etc.), IOT connected objects such as the site-cloud connectors mentioned above".

Pillar 3 - User community
We will start with collaborations between customers on voluntary basis. With time a user community will grow, participate in improving the brewery and use the online market below.

Pillar 4 - Secured online marketplace for recipes
This connected brewing process will allow creative brewers to exchange, sell or rent recipes with the greater brewing community on a secured online blockchain based marketplace. This way a brewpub in Tokyo can buy a recipe from a Belgian brewer and automatically brew a beautiful IPA in front of their guests.

Problem / Solution

The beer world is going local and craft. This means small volumes and no economies of scale in production, promotion or distribution. You have to be everywhere at once. It is very difficult for small breweries to survive against big beer. 

We believe that instead of copying big beer strategy and looking for a geographical extension of the outlets, the solution is in the vertical integration of the production (brewing) and the sales (horeca) in a brewpub (where 75% of the production is consumed locally).

But brewing requires qualified people. Pub owners will depend on staff that is hard to find... and keep.

Our connected street-scale breweries will enable more brewpubs to brew their own high quality beer without the headaches involved. The brewpub is locally anchored, offers transparency, creates sustainable communities and generates better margins.

You want to stand out? You want to tell your own story? Streetbrewers, your design & brew assistant, will help you to get it on tap!

What makes us unique is that our solution is the only one affordable for rather small capacities  (typically 300 hl/year) that enables our customers to sustainably combine creativity, quality, hospitality and profitability.

Our key innovative elements

  • industrial automation (incl. cleaning), robustness & quality
  • portable & compact, minimizing footprint
  • user friendly, even for non-initiated brewers : punctual interventions such as place/remove ingredients
  • repeatability over all the breweries of the Streetbrewers community
  • upgradable in capacity (bringing you from pico 5hl/y to micro level : 500hl/y)
  • modular & evolving with latest available practices and knowledge
  • customer experience maximized through design and interactive app's

Our solution automates the complete process from water intake to fermentation. While guests enjoy their beer the automatic brewing process unfolds right in front of them. Taps open, valves rotate automatically and brew up to 300 liters of high quality beer per day. Pub owners can meanwhile focus on serving their guests. They have complete oversight of the process at all times via a mobile app and can tweak ingredients, temperatures or fermentation time if necessary. This connected brewing process will allow creative brewers to exchange, sell or rent recipes with the greater brewing community on a secured online marketplace. This way a brewpub in Tokyo can buy a recipe from a Belgian brewer and automatically brew a beautiful IPA in front of their guests.

Product range

We focus on beer-restaurants & brewpubs.

We imagined a range of 3 products. Thanks to our modular approach, customers will be able to evolve with their sales from one version to another. GO is a starter version. Beer-restaurants will evolve towards BOOST version and Brewpubs will evolve towards TOP version.

Version        Investment        or 5 year renting                      Production                Cost/l

GO                  70k€                1400€/month                         4.000l/year              4,2€/l

BOOST           +70k€              +1400€/month                        12.000l/year               2,8€/l

TOP                +70k€              +1400€/month                      30.000l/year               1,7€/l

Our contribution to sustainable development

● Enhancing Food Security and Local Sourcing (SDG2)
 Streetbrewers connects mini-brasseries with local food establishments, strengthening local food systems, reducing long supply chains, and promoting sustainable, locally-sourced ingredients
● Empowering Local Economies(SDG8)
 Streetbrewers supports smaller-scale breweries and brewpubs, creating job opportunities and fostering entrepreneurship. This promotes local economic development
● Encouraging Innovation and Creativity (SDG9)
 By facilitating experimentation and smaller batches, Streetbrewers drives innovation and creativity in the brewing industry, contributing to its growth and advancement
● Supporting Local Communities and Culture (SDG11)
 Brewpubs established through Streetbrewers become community hubs, fostering social interactions, preserving local culture, and enhancing the vibrancy of communities
● Responsible consumption and production (SDG12)
 By changing the approach, we reduce half of the CO2 emissions of the value chain.
 No planned obsolescence because brewery will be evolving in time
● Fostering Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration (SDG17)
 Streetbrewers' international community platform enables brewers to connect, share knowledge, and collaborate globally, promoting learning, innovation, and best practices

Read some comments of our guests during our last event

Our laboratory with prototype

Beer-pairing session with Hélène

Comparison (process & tech) of our mini brewery with the brewery of by Thibaut

Seb & Fanny: Spreds investors:
"An attractive, modern and ambitious approach, focused on user-friendliness and efficiency on several levels: economic, technological and ecological. We were impressed by the maturity and global vision of the project's initiators, and look forward to seeing how the model develops"

Daniel: founder of Brasserie Tipsy Tribe in Jette:
"Interesting project with a ton of potential, the landscape is changing and this can directly benefit people wanting to get into brewing without making massive investments. Looking forward to the future of this project."

Valérie: ID2Food: technological innovation consultant:
"Even with a product as traditional as beer, there's always room for innovation. The Streetbrewers team understands this."

Joe: founder of Brasserie Wolff in Luxembourg:
"A very promising project. I hope to be able to contribute and test the final product."

Vicky & Kevin: owners of Bier Restaurant Heerlijk in Oostende:
"Cool guys who have invented a new way of brewing. The professional can be combined with passion for brewing especially for experimental brewers, hobby brewers and restaurants and pubs that want to offer a changing range. We're definitely interested."

Michael : business developer South East Asia :
"An innovative and sustainable project that brings an accessible side to brewing in the hotel and catering industry. I see enormous potential in the Asian market!"

Aimé: founder of Arelbières:
"I'm planning to launch a brewpub with some associates. I'd like to brew our Saison de Mai there. It's hard to find a pro tool that's affordable and not too complex to brew quality beer. The proof is in the pudding, I was convinced during the tasting session"

Philippe: founder of Pepite: experts in data analytics and industry 4.0:
"I've been using Artificial Intelligence in industry for over 20 years, and this is the first time I've seen such an accomplished 'mini factory 4.0'. It demonstrates, in practice, the unsuspected possibilities of digitalization and Artificial Intelligence. We look forward to working with them in the future."

Laurent: trainer, consultant in the hospitality sector:
"Discovering a very interesting brewery concept for the HORECA sector. Thank you Streetbrewers"

Dorothée: co-head of the Smart Gastronomy Lab:
"I'm delighted to be able to host such a project here, as I see synergies with our other activities and customers".

Christophe, Vincent, Pascal from WSL: business coach for techno-entrepreneurs:
"WSL supports techno-entrepreneurs in the creation and management of their company, after selection by a jury. The selection process includes rigorous studies of technology, intellectual property, markets and human resources. The 5-year survival rate of companies followed by WSL is 92%, with an average annual growth rate of over 10%."

Hélène de Hoppyz, zythologist:
"An innovative project that brings beer closer to the consumer. Streetbrewers makes (quality) brewing accessible to as many people as possible. The combination of technologies also saves a lot of energy and time. As a zythologist, I'm already imagining didactic brews for my zythology classes or restaurants producing the perfect beer to accompany their favourite dishes. The only limit is creativity! "

Quentin, Matthieu, Thibaut, Adrien from Cheers & Buddies: expert brewers in recipe design:
"Streetbrewers proposes its vision to promote accessibility to autonomous, adaptive and qualitative brewing. We have a keen interest in automation and control of brewing equipment, while remaining small-scale."

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