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How we ended up buying a Laundromat in Borgerhout...

Whilst looking for a real estate investment, my wife and I came across a pretty cheap retail store located in Borgerhout. After a first visit we noticed the store was an automatic Laundromat which was ceasing its activities. The owner of the premises asked for a low price for the property because of the “difficulty” in disarming the laundromat. Removing 14 heavy washers & dryers wasn’t exactly every real-estate buyer’s dream. In the end, my wife and I ended up buying the Laundromat business and not the property itself. Wassepoester - Laundrillon was born!

Our first Laundromat in Borgerhout

Laundromats? Seriously...?!

Being active in B2B services & software for over 15 years, the love for laundromats has grown because of the simplicity of the business model and the old-fashioned characteristics of the sector. Lots of laundromat owners manage their business in a very old-school way which leaves lots of room for improvement. By applying contemporary technologies and marketing techniques, current laundromats can easily be increased in revenue and margins when managed correctly.

Building a scalable best practice...

During a period of 12 months, we developed several proven sales & operational best-practices which resulted in a greater revenue (64,46%) and margins (101,28%). Our main goal was to apply & test the different ideas and validate them with measurable results. Afterwards, the most impactful techniques can be applied on new laundromats in order to increase the overall return on investment.

A more detailed list of all best practices can be found in our business plan below, but we listed the 3 most popular ones based on their impact.

  • Local search engine advertising
There is a group of people who are looking for a laundromat because they just moved to the neighborhood, they have a quite large amount of blankets to wash who don’t fit in their current machine or they are in the city for a limited time. A great majority of people starts looking on Google Maps to find the nearest laundromat. Making sure the laundromat appears in the top results is an important part of the laundromat’s marketing plan. Local advertising on Google maps is quite cheap so this is a continuous budget that is spend. 

Example of a Google Maps Advertising Campaign

  • Promotions for new & existing customers

Promotions are an interesting way to attract more traffic to your laundromat and they can be split-up into different categories depending on the target group: bring a friend for free, free services in exchange for reviews, seasonal promotions, first time free, distribute local coupons,... All of them have a positive impact on revenue and loyalty

Example of a promotion

  • Industrial Sensors

Each machine in the laundromat will have a sensor attached to measure temperature, vibration, electrical power,… These sensors will allow us to measure the usage of the machines, detect technical failures early and support customers in a more effective way. All sensors are connected wirelessly to local router that sends all data to a central database and can be consulted on a real-time dashboard. This, rather cheap, technology allows you to measure impact of promotions and offer pro-active customer service.

Our goal is to increase our network of Laundromats in order to apply our best practices and reach important economies of scale.

Download WASSEPOESTER Business Plan V 1 4 231004.pdf 2.89 MB