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Business Model and Revenue of Fieldkaired SA

Short Term:

Starting in 2024, Fieldkaired SA will focus on the dairy producer market in Belgium and France, aiming for 1,400 users, which corresponds to 2.2% of the targeted market. This strategic choice will ensure a solid foothold in this key sector before expanding the offering.

With a subscription price of 20 euros excluding VAT per month, validated by beta-testers, the net revenue for 2024 will amount to 110,000 euros, achieving break-even in the first year.

Medium Term:

Revenue projections for the following years (2025-2028) show significant growth, especially due to market expansion into other European countries (Poland, Italy, Spain, and Germany).

The projected market share in Belgium and France will reach 17% by 2028, with 91,500 users.

With the expansion of its market across all of Europe, Fieldkaired SA projects a substantial increase in net revenue, reaching 18,769,000 euros in 2028.

Evolution of subscribers:

Contribution of raised funds:

The funds raised are intended for the translation of the Ceres Finance for farmers app, expansion of its functional scope (extension to other production sectors), and support for its commercialization across Europe.

A significant portion of the investments will be allocated to marketing in order to increase the visibility of Ceres Finance for farmers and expand its user base.

Working capital 2024 :

Cashflow :


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Fact sheet

Advised by a professional start-up advisor
Valuation is set by the co-investor or incubator
Co-investor or incubator will be members or observers to the board
At the closing, an incubator, accelerator, or studio will have shares
At the closing, the entrepreneurs have contributed a minimum of €15,000 in cash in exchange for shares
At the closing, a professional co-investor will have invested at least €25,000
Prior fundraising in equity or convertible loan with 10 or more investors
Seasoned entrepreneurs
Minimum 2 active entrepreneurs
Valuation set by an organisation specialized in valuations of comparable size
Valuation is less than €1 million or 10x last year’s turnover

Raise summary

Crowd investments €33,500
Committed by others €10,400
Amount raised €43,900
Minimum round €0
Maximum round €500,000
Shares in the company (total round) 16.667%
Pre-money valuation €2,500,000
Post-money valuation min. €2,500,000
Post-money valuation max. €3,000,000